Cars! Everyone loves them again!

car scrap Maybe it is something to do with our public transport being so bleak? Maybe it is because fuel prices have fallen for the first time in ages? Maybe people are so jaded and tired of other humans that they'd rather sit in isolation?

Either way, consumers are buying cars again!

Reports show that April's new car registrations are on the up by more than 5%, compared with the same month last year. This is all thanks to a 9% increase in the fleet market and a 2.7% growth amongst private buyers.

185,778 new vehicles were registered in total, compared to the 176,820 in 2014, with year-to-date registrations for 2015 up 6.4%. We can only assume that the furry dice industry is currently booming as well.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said April's performance shows a 12-year high for consumer confidence and continued the pattern of growth in new car registrations around General Elections, which dates back to 1979. Seems that walking to a polling station makes people think 'Jeez - I wish I drove here in a nice new car instead of using my stupid legs'.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said: "The figures highlight the current strength of consumer confidence, even at a time of such political uncertainty. We are confident that the UK’s new car market – so symbolic of economic mood – will continue to thrive, but long-term success will depend largely on economic and political stability in the months and years ahead."

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