Cars are failing their MOTs for being a bit manky

19 March 2014

Ok, so you haven’t put in any screenwash for a while, and you’ve got a Blackpool Pleasure Beach sticker on the windscreen, and you haven't washed it since Christmas. So what? There’s no way your otherwise perfectly good vehicle would fail its MOT for THAT, right?


WRONG. has found that test centres are regularly failing cars for very simple and avoidable faults. Out of 285,000 MOT fails, 4649 of them were because people hadn’t topped up screenwash. And 2852 drivers failed their MOTs because their cars were filthy and full of old KFC boxes and empty coffee cups.

Usually cars fail their MOTs for balding tyres, wrongly aimed headlights and worn down brake pads. But drivers regularly throw away the £45 MOT charge by not cleaning their cars before they head to the garage. Emma Butcher from said:

‘There are some really simple things that every motorist can do to help a three-year-old car pass its first MOT test, but it's amazing how many people don't do them. Many people probably don't even realise that MOT testers can refuse to test your car if it's too dirty or full of clutter.’

Time to take that dirty pair of knickers off the gear stick and buy yourselves a Magic Tree, you skanks.


  • Chiggers
    £45? How long is it since you've had a car? Are you some sort of cyclist? More like £54.85
  • Charley
    Shop around Chiggers. £30 for my last MOT.
  • Life’s g.
    £15 for my last MoT from Andy Moore in Staveley. Been that price for a long time. Google it if you don’t believe me. Great mechanic and all-round bloody good bloke, too!
  • Chiggers
    Dagnabbit. Just one of the many joys of living in London I suppose.
  • Car M.
    Would you trust a mechanic that is losing money when doing a £15 MOT, I know I wouldn't. £50 is a nice easy number and seems a fair price to me.
  • salmonmax
    They can refuse to test it, but they shouldn't incur the MOT fee - refusal means the test has not being done. If they're saying they're getting halfway through the test and then 'oh dear, it's a bit cluttered/dirty' then that seems like intent to defraud the customer as it's patently obvious up front that they wouldn't be able to do it (if it's something that's only discoverable once the test is underway then it's not sufficient to warrant not continuing). If this ever happens then inform the DoT.
  • Blue_Moon_23
    Avoid the Magic Tree or at least be careful where you put it, my car failed as it was hung from the mirror (obscured visibility). No extra charge, I think he was just trying to make a point.
  • _Me_
    Blue_Moon; that's a bit out of order. Whenever I've had MOTs in the past, they have moved Sat Nav holders and so on for me or left the magic tree on the passenger seat.

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