Carkoon to envelope your baby during crash

12 April 2012

Babies. They hate being in car crashes don't they? Selfish little pricks. Either way, because wickle baby needs special treatment during an accident, someone has invented the Carkoon. No, not the great pit from Star Wars and, yes, containing a quite awful racial epithet, but rather, a car seat that turns into a protective cocoon which is like a giant smothering fireproof airbag.

Have a look at this video.

Inventor Jullian Preston-Powers said this is protective cocoon is vital, as a water bottle or satnav flying through a vehicle crashing at 30mph, can kill a baby. Mr Preston-Powers, of Brighton-based Cool Technologies, said: ‘We have even bounced a brick off it.’

The Carkoon may be available from 2013 and is likely to set you back somewhere in the region of £500.

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  • Fantastic F.
    cant wait to try it out and chuck a brick at a baby
  • Edward B.
    @Mr Fox Might as well enjoy yourself.
  • Marky M.
    Keep the kid in the boot of the car. It's safe, dark, and soundproof.
  • Chris
    Just get a roll of duct tape and some bubble wrap, £495 cheaper and just as effective!
  • Sicknote
    Funny as fuck when I drop the empty carrier in the driveway and it goes off; like I haven't done that about 10 times already. At £350 a pop that's an expensive hobby. But seriously, great invention, about time coming and I'll be buying one.
  • Alan's m.
    Some practical issues: That's an awfully long seatbelt in the video The crash looks like it was blatantly intentional The tissue box looks like it was floating through space very slowly, which I am sure wont happen in a real crash I am sure that no baby has ever been hurt by a tissue box in a car crash Nobody carries bricks on their parcel shelf Mr Preston-Powers How do you get the baby out afterwards?
  • Alan's m.
    said Mr Preston-Powers. “Smoke is difficult thing to deal with as well but the car seat does cocoon around the child so it prevents smoke it seeping in." Until they suffocate, because no smoke seeping in means no air is going in or out. But that's OK because it "will only deploy in extreme circumstances thanks to an embedded gyroscopic magnitude sensor that detects when a vehicle is tipped back or forward", like hitting a pothole
  • Mike H.
    Coming to a mothercare near you!
  • Mary H.
    Massive oversight here. It's not smoke that kills, nor the fire, it's the latent heat what kills. Fucking pillocks. However, this is a great idea, as it will keep the child population down a little when the suffocate.
  • Mad H.
    Is everyone really just going to ignore the massive open goal that is the name of the thing?
  • Massive C.
    wdf, iz dis real? Mad Don iz rite, dis is racialist, I iz whit, but dat fing looks like its dissin my bruvvas innit. I am toataly bust a cap in yo asses for dis, its toataly disraspectfull. 1 day I will be black 2 jus like ma hommies
  • names
    Carysalis would have been more appropriate, or maybe Carbabysuffocator. Depending what line they were going down.
  • Missy D.
    I had a driver once with the same name.
  • Fantastic F.
    I saw one in a BMW once. In London. (come on Boris.....)
  • Dick
    How much damage does a decapitated dog's head do in a car crash?
  • Prince Y.
    I know this, even a small dog, once it's head is detached from it's body can do an awful lot of damage and is very messy. But still, you can stick your willy down the neck hole after all the screaming his stopped.
  • Gorgeous K.
    Hello Prince Yubi, I am just curious. How did the head of your small dog become "detached" as you put it, in the first place? In my experience, dog's heads are not detachable, unless they are a nodding dog. I remember once that Marmalade Atkins had an adventure with a nodding dog and tried to detach it's head. I don't think she had a "willy". But, I am straying from the point, dog's heads aren't normally detachable, they are fully - attached - which enables them TO LOOK UP! Even if they are German Shepherds, or even the lowest dog of all, a fox, that you all seem to be fond of here.

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