Car insurance most expensive in North West while whiplash claims rocket

12 January 2012

carSome new research is showing that the cost of car insurance has increased on average in the whole of the UK. On top of this, there's something of a postcode lottery going on too.

The Watson Car Insurance Price Index revealed that an average policy is now priced at £844, which  is rising much quicker than the rate of inflation. Comprehensive cover got 4.9% more expensive in 2011, while third party, fire and theft premiums shot up by 10.2%.

If you live in the North West, you could be getting stung the most. The areas worst hit by price rises are Bradford, Oldham and those around Manchester, whose motorists saw their insurance go up by as much as 17.1%.

One of the main causes attributed to the rise in insurance costs is the increase in claims for whiplash injury. Launching the report, committee chairman Louise Ellman said whiplash claims were very costly for insurers to challenge and this was a type of injury "where diagnosis is often subjective".

She continued: "Although we strongly support access to justice, drivers should not be railroaded by cold callers into launching legal action. The insurance industry must abandon sharp practices that push up premiums such as passing drivers' personal data to other parties or taking secretive referral fees from solicitors, garages and car hire firms."

The report said that the rise in personal injury claims, most of which were for whiplash injuries, was "the main reason for the rise in premiums," adding that; "it is difficult to diagnose whiplash objectively and this has deterred insurers from defending claims in court. We recommend that the bar to receiving compensation in whiplash cases should be raised. If the number of whiplash claims does not fall significantly as a result there would, in our view, be a strong case to consider primary legislation to require objective evidence of a whiplash injury, or of the injury having a significant effect on the claimant's life, before compensation was paid."

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  • Das G.
    Umm last I checked, Bradford wasnt in the north west.
  • Mike U.
    I live in Bradford and if it wasn't for the Renault 5 driving chav cunts who don't give a toss about legal road user my premium would not be twice what my car is worth An don't get me started with the taxi drivers, how they got a licence god only knows Its been going on for years but the police are too scared of offending the 'community' to do fuck all about it, come on a paltry £100 fine in court for driving with no insurance and every law abiding citizen gets a nice 15 - 20% rise on the annual renewal I say fuck them all and turn the streets into Death Race 2012, there would be no shotage of 'estate' venues to hold this event it
  • pete
    wow how long have bitterwallet censored the truth ? we know who causes this and why, why remove my factual comment?
  • oliverreed
    You don't get a pay out equivalent to the cars worth to you, so what are you meant to do? An accident is brought upon you, you as the victim never asked for it to happen, why shouldn't you be compensated for the hassle resolving it all?
  • Sawyer
    @oliverreed Claiming for whiplash is not the way to make up for inconvenience. And to dispute your second point, I've seen incidents in the North West where the victim *did* ask for it to happen. It's not unknown for car accidents to be a career choice for some people... slamming on brakes intentionally, etc. hoping to be rear-ended so they can make a claim.
  • oliverreed
    @Sawyer - how do make up for the inconvenience then? I was trying to argue the case of genuine claims, I don't think people should be able to claim for self induced accidents or make massive claims for ones they caused. Those forcing vehicles to drive into them deserve all they get.
  • Car I.
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