Calls for private camping to be made illegal. Clamping. We meant clamping.

Our Vince recently gave us an exhaustive guide to dealing with private parking fines and clampings. Now it looks as though the rest of the world have read his words, bought into his message and are revolting against the revolting scamsters who rake in untold amounts from private clamping.

The AA are calling for clamping on private land to be made illegal, due to the fact that there is no independent arbitration body for parkers to take any grievances to, allowing the clampers to act like cowboys in some lawless town in a Western. Which possibly makes the AA the vigilantes. Or something.

The AA said: “The lure of uncontrolled money-raking is so great that some companies offer DIY packs, with signs that can be printed off the internet." Spokesman Paul Watters added: “The public have absolutely no protection if a private parking firm acts unfairly - it is a civil matter and no-one is interested in helping.” Except Vince – he should have mentioned Vince there.

Next week, our Vince will be publishing a five-part guide on why grapes with seeds in them are an atrocity on par with the genocide in Darfur. Sharpen thy quills AA, sharpen thy quills…


  • drew
    I remember a case not so long ago against a well known French owned car parking firm who clamped the car of a Scottish Lady. She took them to court and they were found guilty of theft of the car. Awesome.
  • Colin
    I believe that case is why private clamping is considered illegal in Scotland - if you clamp someone's car, it's technically seen as you having stolen the car (by way of removing the owner's ability to use it). The police can still clamp, but I've never seen them do it. The only time I ever saw a clamp was on a van parked on a (no parking restriction) street, I got the impression the clamp was the van driver's idea of an immobiliser.
  • yes H.
    that is correct.
  • Darren P.
    is private camping like private clamping? lol
  • Ricky
    Don't pitch your tent on my land.
  • Tickled
    The only time I see clamps in Edinburgh is on untaxed cars/motorbikes
  • Annoyed
    Misleading titles to get people interested in blog posts sucks. Don't do it. I hate you.
  • Alice C.
    Is the dude in that picture the superman guy that used to go round 'unclamping' people? In which case, there should be a little caption under the picture saying 'That Superman dude that used to go round unclamping people, yesterday'
  • Tom P.
    ‘That Superman dude that used to go round unclamping people, now afraid of dropping the soap in the shower ’
  • Brian
    What? You mean he's in jail now?

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