British drivers still getting ripped off for petrol

9 June 2014

horse in petrol station While this won't be news to anyone, it is a sign of things not getting any cheaper for drivers - basically, British drivers are still being ripped off at the forecourt and still paying some of the highest prices at the petrol pumps.

Reports state that British motorists are paying up to 43p a litre more than drivers in Europe for fuel. In France for example, it is 29p less for their diesel, according to the new Post Office Travel Money annual report.

The Post Office said that, even when you factor in the exchange-rate, diesel on the Continent was still cheaper in 19 of the 22 countries investigated. While Britons pay an average price of £1.37 a litre, in Andorra, they pay a paltry 94p. Luxembourg residents enjoy 99p while the Spanish pay £1.11. Unleaded petrol in the UK costs more than our French cousins.

The Post Office report says: "The biggest fall in the cost of unleaded petrol and diesel fuel has been in France, where the litre price is down 23p for unleaded and 24p for diesel. This year’s price fall means diesel drivers will pay 29p a litre less in France than in the UK."

"A combination of cheaper fuel and the strong pound means UK tourists can expect to pay 15% less for unleaded petrol (£1.26) and 18 per cent less for diesel (£1.08) at French pumps. This means that 1,000 miles of motoring through France will cost £45 less than last year in a car using unleaded petrol (£191) and £47 less for diesel drivers (£163)."

Other countries with expensive fuel include Norway (£1.65 a litre of unleaded, diesel £1.50) and Holland and Turkey.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams isn't happy and said: "Fuel retailers must reduce the price of diesel at the pumps as the wholesale cost is now almost the same as petrol - yet average forecourt prices are still 6p a litre more expensive. Transparent, fair fuel pricing is vital for the economy and to maintain the trust of motorists. While two thirds of Britain’s 29million cars run on petrol we use twice as much diesel, around 26billion litres a year."


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    The rest of Europe*
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