Britain's best NHS car park revealed!


Following recent criticism that we don’t steal cover enough genuine consumer stories on the site these days, here’s one brought to us via our good friends at Which!

They’ve come up with an award for Britain’s Best NHS Car Park (and it’s about time someone did). The winner... (drum roll)... is Bath’s Royal United Hospital! Well done lads!

Which! carefully studied information on 126 NHS car parks, rating them on their capacity, the convenience of payment methods, the frequency and type of penalties, charging methods and profits, as well as communication with patients. After all of that, it was the Royal United that came out on top! Huzzah!

Which! chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith said: “The Royal United Hospital shows that not every hospital visit needs to end in a parking nightmare. Visiting hospital is stressful enough without having to worry about being clamped or getting a ticket. The Royal United’s car park is an excellent example of what others should aim for.”

Strong words, and it’s the Bath Royal United Hospital car park that we’ll be aiming for this Saturday when we pitch up there for an impromptu ‘flashmob’-style celebration party. We’ll be there from around noon, armed with sausage rolls and a PA system, and we’ll be rocking the afternoon away with the sick and ill before heading off to a nearby pub to watch the England v USA match and getting shit-faced.

Join us! Unless we change our minds and do something else instead. Which, to be frank, is the most likely outcome.


  • Stuart b.
    Cage probably commented, "F**k the kids! Get the F**k out of my way, motherf**ker, or I'll blow your f**kin' head off with this teddy-bear and bingo card, motherf**ker!" or summat loik that.
  • I f.
    Good job Which! are working hard finding these things out. Will everyone be flocking to Bath now for hospital treatment? Unlikely, because the traffic is so bad you'd be dead before you made it to the hospital.
  • Nicholas C.
    That's not f**kin' me motherf**ker! That's Peter f**kin' Gabriel of Genesis, motherf**ker!
  • Nicolas C.
    I also spelt my f**kin' name wrong, I spelt it the f**kin' retarded, Inglish way motherf**ker!
  • Justin M.
    A list of the worst hospital car parks - with Bath Royal United at the bottom and therefore not as bad as those above it - would have made more sense from the consumer's point of view. Which are clearly running out of things to compare, this is real barrel-scraping.
  • Alexis
    "the frequency and type of penalties" Only council car parks can have penalties imposed. NOT scam private parking companies.
  • mizzle
    Do this 'result' not owe more to the fact that driving around bath is a cucking funt?
  • MrRobin
    This is dull. When's the next Apple related story?
  • Dirty F.
    So you still didnt come up with the story, Which! did...
  • Mike H.
    FOR FUCKS SAKE! It's fucking Which? Not fucking Which! It's a fucking question! They're not making a fucking point! You've got your 'Regional & Language options' set to US, you yank loving cock swappers!
  • The B.
    My local hospital came top of the car parking attrocity list, but then Ncholas Cage doesn't use it.

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