Beware of dodgy Congestion Charge websites

traffic-jam Whether drivers should have to pay a congestion charge or not is another debate, but in the meantime, it is there and has to be dealt with. Making matters worse is the number of websites that are helping you to pay for congestion fee, even though they've got nothing to do with it.

One company in Hampshire who trades as, allows you to pay but sticks a £6 'processing fee' on top when you could just pay the TfL direct without the extra charge on top.

The ASA have got involved and told the company that their adverts are "misleading" and that their adverts on Google "must not appear again in their current form". The Advertising Standards Authority said: "Many consumers presented with the ad as a search result for the search 'Congestion Charge' would expect it to relate to the official method of payment for the London Congestion Charge."

"We considered that it was not clear from the ad that the link led to a website unaffiliated with the official congestion charge payment website run by TfL and that for that reason the ad was misleading."

Now, the website specifies what the fees are and that they are in no way affiliated with TfL.

Basically, the lesson here is that you should only use the TfL website if you're going to cough-up for the congestion charge. The TfL themselves reckon that there's around 1,000 people per day using unofficial sites to paying more for the privilege.

So, for the avoidance of doubt, use

Now, feel free to slag off the need for a congestion charge in London in the comments or wind up drivers by saying it is absolutely necessary.


  • Grammar N.
    Haven't you already discussed this? There's a paragraph on it in this story:
  • Grammar N.
    Hmm, moderate my comment even though it links to your own website?! Anyway, this was discussed in an article you posted two days ago about copycat websites. Just search Bitterwallet for "copycat websites".
  • Swollen B.
    They quite often recycle the same old shit on here so it comes as no surprise.

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