Behold! The worst parking space in Britain!

3 February 2015

Parking spaces aren't always great, especially if a great big bush is growing at the bottom of it, or it was painted so narrowly that you have to climb out of your exhaust pipe to exit your car.

However, in Romford, residents saw a parking spot that defied belief.

Contractors managed to paint the useless parking bay around a signpost, which obviously means a whole load of trouble for anyone daft enough to try and put their car in it.

rubbish parking space

Phil Wailing spotted the bay, complete with huge metal obstruction that a contractor really should've spotted, when he was out taking the dog for a walk.

Phil said: "It really beggars belief. I think the contractors must have been down the Aspen Tree pub at the end of the road before they started painting."

"It smacks of the work of jobsworths but you’ve got to laugh."

Havering Council, looking for someone to shout at, said contractors "mistakenly" painted the parking area and it will be removed as soon as possible.

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  • tin
    Because we outsourced everything to "contractors" means we can do fuck all all day and blame everyone else for pissing your money up the wall! soz about that, yours, any local council you care to name
  • Euan
    That space would be fine for a Smart Car, or Toyota iQ :)
  • Alexis
    They could have just said they were going to take the lamppost out and the line painters just happened to have had their work scheduled first.
  • Shaun
    That's not the worst parking space in Britain. It's not even the worst in that street. Clearly there are 4 cars occupying the worst spaces in Britain... On the pavement.
  • Father J.
    Looks alright to me - plenty of room for my motorcycle *and* an immovable object to chain it to! What more could I ask for??
  • Mosskeeto
    Sorry but that does not look like any contractor painted that, there are no other 'bays' in the road and that looks as if it is on a driveway. I think someone is just having a bit of fun
  • chippy
    For 5 motorcycles ?

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