Bad car parking praised

car parking A parking campaigner has been praised by his local council.

A mysterious chap who wishes to remain anonymous - although the report says "Stuart" so let's hope that's not a cock-up - has been posting photos of bad parking from around his area of Lowestoft, Suffolk online.

"Stuart" has set up a Facebook page - Park It Right Lowestoft  - to shame the residents of Lowestoft (trust us, this is as exciting as it gets for them, The Darkness' 'coming from Lowestoft' is a long long time ago now).

While shaming and that is no new thing, with Park It Right pages springing up for all manner of areas, plus there's this site that showcases moronic motoring, this is the first time a council has applauded an individual's tireless crusade.

"Stuart" admits that some of his friends and family think he's demented

"There's never any parking wardens around and the whole of Lowestoft seems to be getting worse", he said. "Some of my friends and family think I shouldn't be bothering, but some of the parking is just dangerous and selfish and it's annoying."

However Waveney District Council have applauded "Stuart's" efforts.

"Any public support and awareness for considerate parking can only be a good thing and if people wish to report incidents to us they can call us or look up 'nuisance parking' on our website."


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