Avoid MOT retests by checking your tyres

Mechanic-Conducting-MOT-Test Giving drivers any advice is a tricky business, because as soon as you say anything, along comes Nigel Who Knows Everything Ever to say 'well duh' or 'actually, I think you'll find...'.

For the rest of you motorists who aren't tedious Nigel, here's a thing that could save you a decent amount of money when it comes to MOT time.

One of things that rinses drivers is MOT retests, which could be avoided if you simply make sure your car's tyres are correctly inflated before the initial test date. You see, under current legislation, any car that has a warning light showing on the dashboard fails its MOT. If you have a car that is fitted with TPMS, the wrong pressure on your tyres could see the rest of your good work coming unstuck.

Basically, under-inflated tyres are costing drivers millions across the board.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe said: "Although TPMS technology has been around for decades, its inclusion in new model vehicles has only been mandated in Europe since 2012 and on all new cars since 2014. This led to a gradual introduction into the market over a period of years and with little or no fanfare to help educate motorists."

"Garages have been telling us that they’re encountering a lot of customers who either aren't aware of how these systems work and need to be maintained or just see them as an expensive luxury rather than the crucial safety feature they are."


  • Alex
    Really? Wheels and Tyres appear on the "Partial Re-Examination Items - (No Additional Fee)" list. Are you SURE people are getting stung for a full MOT if their tyres aren't up to pressure?
  • Han S.
    I don't know any MOT station that doesn't offer a free re-test as long as you take it back within a certain period so I would suspect this is utter bullshit
  • Father J.
    Most stations offer a free partial re-test within 14 days - even on large items not covered in the official list - so check first and change garage as necessary.

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