Asda drop unleaded and diesel price!

petrol_guage Good news drivers! As of today (that'd be Monday 26th October if you're reading this late), Asda are cutting unleaded by (up to) 2ppl and 1ppl on diesel. That's good isn't it?

Asda say this drop means "motorists won’t pay more than 103.7p per litre on unleaded and 106.7ppl at any of our 273 filling stations."

They add: "Our latest fuel price drop puts the price of petrol at a new five-year low – that’s 5p per litre cheaper than the UK national average"

So, if you've got an Asda forecourt near you and your vehicle is currently running on fumes, hop to it and fill the tank up. As ever with fuel price drops like this, you can expect other supermarkets to follow suit and drop their prices as well, because they get really competitive over things like this.


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