Asda drop fuel prices again

petrol The fuel price war continues and Asda have announced that they're lowering their prices again. Good news here is that it might force others to do the same. You know how needy and jumpy supermarkets are.

They say that motorists will now pay no more than £109.7ppl for unleaded, and diesel is staying at £106.7ppl.

And we quote: "Effective from today (21st August), Asda’s new national price cap means that unlike other retailers who work on ‘average prices’ our customers know they will pay no more than 109.7ppl on unleaded. Diesel remains at a market-leading national price cap of 106.7ppl."

Not bad eh? You should fill up wheelbarrows with petrol or whatever, and stockpile it in the spare bedroom. What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, fill 'em up!

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