Are changes to the drink-driving limit afoot?

 The drink-driving limit in England and Wales could be about to change. Of course, the powers that be aren't thinking of raising the limit, so you can have four bottles of Aftershock in you while you drive at 14mph down a motorway.

No, the limit could well be lowered by a third, which in real terms, means it would be illegal to drive after you've had one pint, or a glass of wine (or a half pint for a woman, and a small glass of wine).

This comes from transport minister Andrew Jones, who thinks that England and Wales could follow Scotland, where the limit has been lowered from 80mg per 100ml of blood to 50mg in 2014. Jones is going to meet up with his Scottish equivalent and see what the craic is.

Jones said: "I am intending to discuss with the Scottish Minister about the experience of the lower limit in Scotland and about the timescales to get access to robust evidence of the road safety impact."

"It is important to base our decisions on evidence and the Scottish experience will be crucial to that before we consider any possible changes to the limits in England and Wales. This Government's current position however remains to focus resources on enforcing against the most serious offenders."


  • Jessie J.
    They can drop it to 0mg per 100ml for me. Then make it a really long prison sentence if you drive having had a drink. Less piss heads on the roads the better. Do it like a dude.
  • John K.
    That's a well though out argument. A really long prison sentence for someone who uses mouthwash for fresh breath.
  • evilnoodle
    @ Jessie J I hope you don't drive, because if you do you are likely driving over your suggested limit. The 50mg is to allow for natural alcohol in the human body and error margin within the analyser. 50 mg is already so low that it basically means if you have had any alcohol recently don't drive, and if you have binged don't drive for a minimum of 1 hour per unit (preferably more to be safe). Jones, A.W (1985. J. Anal. Toxicol. 9:246) found endogenous levels are from undetectable up to 0.02 mg/dl Lester, D. (1962 Quart. J. Stud. Alcohol 23:17) found they could be up to 0.15 mg/dl
  • Jessie J.
    @John Kettle That the excuse you use when you get pulled. "Soory osifer, just brushed me teeth" Wear my hat low.
  • Father J.
    I ride a motorbike so drinking and driving is a no-no for me. No cup-holders, you see.

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