Apple to buy McLaren?

Apple to buy McLaren?

Rumour has it that Apple are looking at buying out McLaren, which could mean we could see some plain white F1 cars that will force you to listen to a new U2 album, and will have an engine that sounds like Siri gurgling.

It could be exciting.

The Financial Times say they've got a number of sources, who say that there are talks going on between the two companies.

McLaren is valued at somewhere between £1 billion and £1.5 billion, and Apple just so happen to have a lot of money.

McLaren have not exactly denied that there's been an approach from Apple, but far from confirmed it. They said that they're "not in discussion" with Apple, but they do regularly hold "confidential conversations with a wide range of parties".

Of course, Apple are looking at getting into driverless cars, so teaming up with a motoring company would make sense.

It's all go in Formula One at the moment, as the whole thing has just been bought by American company, Liberty Media, for £6 billion.

Apple have been making a number of investments recently - they of course bought Beats off Dr Dre for £2.3 billion, and they threw £800 million at Chinese taxi service Didi Chuxing earlier in the year.

As McLaren make top-end supercars, you can imagine that Apple - seeing themselves as top-end gadget vendors - will want to get in the luxury end of motoring too.

We'll have to wait and see how this pans out.

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