Amazon to deliver to the boot of your car

27 April 2015

amazoninstant When we heard that Amazon were going to start delivering packages directly to car boots from next month, we thought they were either tapping into the car boot sale market, or selling drugs. How wrong - and disappointed - we were.

Amazon have teamed-up with DHL and Audi, which means that selected Audi-owning Prime customers in Munich will be able to stand next to their car for ages, waiting for someone to drop a package off for them, when they could be doing something less boring instead.

That's actually not true. The person delivering the package will get a one-time keyless access to the car boot to drop off a package, meaning that a stranger will be able to get in your car. That should cause a few furrowed brows. Audi are adamant that there's going to be no insurance issues with all this.

Amazon said: "During the checkout process, customers simply indicate the approximate location of their car during the delivery window. When a carrier driver arrives, the vehicle's car trunk can be momentarily accessed via a unique, order specific digital authorisation."

"The delivery agent then simply places the order into the trunk and closes the hatch which locks the car again."

If you're not bothered about someone getting in your boot, then this could be a handy way of receiving goods and save you messing about waiting for someone. Participating drivers will have to have their cars adapted to enable third-party access though.

Amazon says it wants this feature to be available to all Prime members, regardless of their car, at some point.

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  • Father J.
    I mean, what could *possibly* go wrong?

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