93% of drivers can't spot cyclists - a campaign

According to the AA, more than 90% of motorists say that they find it hard to see cyclists while driving and so, they've started a campaign called the 'AA Think Bike' which advises you put stickers on your wing mirror, because drivers obviously need reminding how to drive.

This coincides with the launch of a national Think Bikes awareness campaign, which showed that 55% of motorists are frequently "surprised when a cyclist appears from nowhere".

They've made a video about it all and it features a naked man and lots of people whooping.

One million free stickers will be distributed to drivers, which will acts as a reminder that they should keep an eye out, in case they kill someone.

AA president Edmund King said: "Our campaign is definitely needed when half of drivers are often surprised when a cyclist or motorcyclist ‘appears from nowhere’. hose on two wheels never appear from nowhere so as drivers we need to be more alert to other road users."


  • jokester4
    I think this is a big part of the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yiu1uLgwF1E
  • bob
    Fuck that, cyclists need to be aware of the two tonnes of steel thats about to crush them if they don't follow the Highway code (same for motorcyclists)
  • Fagin
    only problem being, half the drivers who do see them don't care & subsequently try to scare the hell out of the cyclist or possibly maim them. cyclists are road users too & need to be treated fairly.
  • Al
    Free advertising for the AA under the guise of safety I think
  • Slacker
    "cyclists are road users" When they're not using the pavement, that is. Or jumping red lights, or riding the wrong way up a one way street. Or overtaking left-turning HGVs on the inside, etc. etc. Any idiot can get on a push iron and wobble off into the traffic without even the slightest acquaintance with the Highway Code, and it seems that many do.
  • Waveydavey69
    "hose on two wheels" snigger snigger
  • Raggedy
    @Slacker Not a cyclist but surely you could say that about most road users. Most drivers learn the Highway Code to pass the test and then, as soon as they do pass, it's chucked out the window as they wheelspin away, indicating right all the way round a roundabout, accelerating at people already crossing the road before they got there.
  • qwertyuiop
    @raggedy It may interest you to learn that indicating right all the way around a roundabout is in fact the correct course of action on a roundabout with more than 3 exits if you want the 4th one. Hopefully we won't be seeing you behind the wheel of a car anytime soon
  • Old G.
    @qwertyuiop Don't be ridiculous! What about the people waiting at the third exit who see you approaching the second exit and pull out in front of you? Or the pedestrians waiting to cross who give you the finger as you sail past the exit you were indicating to go down? I've already seen you behind the wheel of a car driving like an idiot.
  • Big M.
    @qwertyuiop Agreed...... on account of you being right. @Old Git. What are you on? Don't think you understand what's being said. Pedestrians crossing on a roundabout.... wft

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