840,000 car recall from Nissan thanks to faulty steering wheel

23 May 2013


Remember when Nissan had to recall 51,000 cars after a customer's steering wheel came off in their hands? Well, they're recalling around 841,000 vehicles worldwide thanks to... you guessed it... a faulty steering wheel!

In the UK, there'll be 133,869 models of the Nissan Micra recalled, built between 2002-2006. Apparently, the bolt used in the steering wheel hasn't been screwed on properly, which isn't particularly exciting, but it is a worrying sign for Nissan.

Earlier in the month, Nissan had to recall 500,000 vehicles globally over a defective passenger airbag.

The carmaker are offering to tighten the bolts or replacing steering wheels entirely.

It is worth pointing out that, thus far, no accidents involving the cars have been reported, but drivers will notice if the steering wheel is getting loose.

You won't have to be without your car for too long as a Nissan spokesperson in the UK said that the repair should only take around 15 minutes to rectify.


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  • zeddy
    How do you rectify a repair?

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