80mph speed limit stuck in neutral

car Remember the plans to raise the motorway speed limit to 80mph? Well, they've been put on hold after Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the move was "not a priority". The world's financial crisis is probably more pressing eh?

That said, the policy was originally launched to help give a boost to the economy, however, it doesn't seem to be much of a concern for the Transport Sec.

In an interview with The Times, McLoughlin said: "Look, that's not a priority, to be absolutely honest. You would have to do trials in certain areas so it's not something that's a high priority."

A source close to the Transport Secretary told the newspaper: "This is not going to happen with Patrick McLoughlin as Transport Secretary. Safety is paramount to him and his view of how to run the roads and he would not be confident about how you would do it."

Hilariously, The Times understands that the Government are wary of raising the speed limit for fear of alienating women voters. Hear that women? Notice the implied 'you're all rubbish, slow drivers' from Cameron & Co there?

Of course, whatever the Tories suggest, Labour say the opposite. Doesn't matter what it is, they just base their chat on the opposite of whatever That Lot say. Shadow transport secretary Maria Eagle said: "The chaos over plans to change motorway speed limits is extraordinary, even by the Department for Transport's usual standards."

"Only a week after the Roads Minister confidently claimed that trials of a new 80mph speed limit were to go ahead, it's clear that the Secretary of State has applied the brakes on his own reckless policy. Labour has consistently warned that a blanket increase in the motorway speed limit risked increasing deaths and serious injuries, pushing up the cost of driving and making it harder to cut the emissions that contribute to climate change."

Until then, drivers, you'll just continue to drive at whatever speed you want, keeping an eye out for speed cameras.



  • Cough D.
    That is one cool car!
  • Idi A.
    Clarkson said on Twitter last Sunday that the plan has been thrown out because it would discriminate against women.
  • Dairy c.
    Clarkson? Twatter? Bwahahahaha Cretin.
  • Chewbie
  • jt
    They'd do more to improve congestion and increase average speeds if they were to ban lorries and coaches from all but the left hand lane. It's always fun to be stuck behind a lorry playing the "how many hours can I spend overtaking another lorry" game.
  • Teddy E.
    They should make drivers get out and press a button when traffic lights are on red just like us pedestrians have to.

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