£70 fine for parking on the pavement?

parking space Drivers who park their cars on the pavement could be in trouble soon, as new rules are being touted where motorists could end up with a £70 for doing so.

Now, in London, the ban on parking on pavements has been a thing for a while, but politicians are looking at extending this to the rest of the country. Why? Well, it is an attempt to make pavements less cluttered, and something to do with encouraging people to walk.

When you've finished inwardly screaming your head off about the whole thing, the Department for Transport are saying that they like this idea, and you'll only be able to park on the kerb if you have explicit permission.

You can imagine that this is going to keep traffic wardens very busy, and there's going to be a lot of people disputing fines with various local authorities.

Speaking of which, does anyone think that local councils might end up abusing this ruling to generate a load of revenue for themselves, and that they invariably won't provide alternative parking measures elsewhere (certainly not any that's free)?

It is difficult to not be cynical about this, even taking into consideration the benefits it could have for people with disabilities who have difficulty navigating pavements that have cars parked on them.

Edmund King, president of the AA, is suspicious, and said: “The concern would be that local authorities will be able to ban pavement without looking at the consequences or studying the alternatives."

“Getting rid of pavement parking is fine but only if you then remove some redundant double-yellow lines to create space elsewhere.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport said: “We are currently considering the rules around pavement parking, including whether more can be done to make it easier for councils to tackle problem areas in a consistent way."

“Work is ongoing and no decisions have been made.”


  • Peter T.
    Good, it's about time. Nobody minds a wheel on the kerb but some people take the piss and treat the pavement like their own personal parking space. With a bit of luck this law will save me the bother of keying cars and bashing their wing mirrors.
  • Jessie J.
    It pisses me off when someone has to push a pram or buggy out into the road because some selfish twat has blocked the entire pavement. I myself just key the thing. #doitlikeabrother
  • PFC_Hudson
    About time too as there's some real ignorant twats on my road who do it almost every day in the same spots and ruining the 2 foot wide grass strip which runs between the pavement and road where I live by creating horrible, muddy channels from their wheels
  • Mary s.
    This is a long time coming when Scotland did a full ban last year logistics were worked out London has had the ban since whenever several other towns and cities already are using the power to ban pavement parking ..Laws are already in place ...it is a criminal offence to drive on the pavement with the intention to park . Briefing paper Feb 2016 House Of Commons Can be found online ..councils have foregone this as a consequence pavements are being made into trip hazards and costing councils thousands to repair .you cannot pass when a car is parked so far into pavement that pushchairs wheelchairs even able bodied have to walk onto the road ..the pavement it for pedestrians .....end of ...would motorists be pleased if we pedestrians began walking in the middle of the road I think not
  • Shifty n.
    Yes it is about time, why should pram pushers , old people with trolleys have to circumvent a people carrier parked on a pavement ....doh
  • Raggedy
    Wow! Consider myself surprised! I honestly thought the amount of times it happens that it was a legitimate parking manoeuvre! With the usual BS excuses that parking on the pavements "helps" other drivers. Why not make it £700? It's a totally selfish arrogant action, sticking two fingers up to the elderly, children, people with disabilities, dog owners, mums with buggies and the adult population who insist on riding their bicycles on the pavement.
  • Father J.
    It's not often I agree with Raggedy but the fine should definitely be more that seventy quid. These people will be getting off lightly compared to pavement parkers I pass whose Audi/Merc/BMW I routinely key and/or snap expensive electrically-operated door mirrors off.
  • Father J.
    "and the adult population who insist on riding their bicycles on the pavement." Or 'cyclists' for short.
  • M,Averick
    It is long over due, pavements are for people to use especially people with sight problems, mum's with push chairs and children. As kids we were taught not to play in the road, so keep the cars vans and any other vehicle on the roads. Let the people regain the use of the pavements.

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