60% of drivers Eat and Drive

Most of us might not risk drinking or driving, but it turns out that over half of us are not averse to stuffing our faces at the wheel – putting ourselves and everyone else at risk of Krispy Kreme related car accidents.

eating in the car

That’s according to a survey by road charity Brake and Direct Line, who found that three in five drivers have admitted to driving while scoffing some form of tasty service station treat. And 2% of us have actually almost caused an accident while trying open a Big Bag of beefy Hula Hoops.

Experts contend that eating at the wheel is just as distracting as using a mobile phone, which of course, is illegal.

But it turns out that we don’t just use our car as a banqueting hall. 15% of the 1000 drivers surveyed also admitted to personal grooming while driving.

Deputy chief executive of Brake, Julie Townsend said:

‘Driving is the most complicated and risky thing most of us do on a regular basis, so it is vital we give it our full and undivided attention. We can't afford to treat our cars as an extension of our kitchen or bathroom.’

(You mean we can’t shave, have a bath, do the washing or make a stir fry? BORING).

However Edmund King, president of the AA, rather amusingly said that the problem wasn't that bad, and that people needed to take the results of survey ‘with a pinch of salt.’

On top of a KFC chicken bucket that you’re eating with a knife and fork in the fast lane of the M6.


  • Alexis V.
    How long before meddling Brake highlight the dangers of driving whilst needing a piss?
  • Bob
    I once eat a custard slice from Greggs while driving around town - now that was fucking difficult.
  • Stan L.
    Does gobbling count as eating ?
  • loishamaltone
    Gah. Not Brake again. If they have their way we all will be driving round town, both hands on the wheel at all time and wearing woolen driving gloves. Any car above a 1.4 skoda would be marked as dangerous and all cars would have to be a dull brown colour. I had a morrisons raspberry donut yesterday while driving my car and got into a terrible accident. Jam spilt all down my trousers, from the recklessly overfilled jammy snack. Morrisons donuts. Not even once.
  • Think I.
    To all of you are laughing at this, think about this? What if you start to choke on whatever you're eating whilst driving? You going to calmly pull over to the side of the road/motorway whilst you are gasping for breath? No, you're going to panic like everybody would and remove your hands from the wheel to reach for your throat and that's where the danger is, you are no longer in control of your vehicle which is what police can charge you for. A perfectly logical reasoning for you jokers to laugh at and make sarcastic comments about.
  • Mickey M.
    @Think about it What about if a bee flies into your car and starts buzzing around, you're going to panic like everybody else. What about if you sing along to the radio in the car but you forget the lyrics, you're going to panic like everybody else. What about if your new fabric softener begins to itch your skin, you're going to panic like everybody else. What about if you have a sudden leg spasm when reaching for the break, you're going to panic like everybody else. If you ask me, the only safe way to drive a car safely is by wearing a bee keepers suit washed with a tried and tested softener in complete silence whilst a doctor carries out a full medical check.

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