£1 for a litre of diesel - it could happen

fuel gauge The fuel price war is still on, and after the latest drops in price, motorists could well see diesel prices falling to £1 a litre. How do you like them apples? This is according to the RAC, following the news that supermarkets have said that they're going to cut the cost of fuel.

Tesco have said that they're going to cut the cost of diesel by 2p per litre and unleaded petrol by 1p at all of their filling stations and, Sainsbury's and Asda are bringing in the same price cuts today. Asda have said that drivers will pay no more than 108.7p per litre of diesel, and 111.7p on unleaded petrol.

Now, with the price of oil going below $50 per barrel, there could be further price drops in the future.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: "July was a bumper month for diesel vehicle drivers with the average price falling by 5p a litre, saving £3 on a fill-up. Now August is off to a flying start with another substantial cut which will help shave another couple of pounds off a tank of diesel, just as millions of people head off on holiday by car."

"With oil prices just under the 50 dollars a barrel mark, there's every chance even more cuts are just around the corner. And, if oil stays low and wholesale diesel remains abundant, we could even have a chance of seeing £1 a litre diesel."

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  • Raggedy
    Surely, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys et al could be using their purchasing power to drive down the price even further? Aren't they already doing this with milk? Allegedly.

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