Should tenants get new and improved rights?

pay rent A leading think-tank has said that tenants of private landlords should get new rights to stay in their home as long as they want, in addition to guarantees that their rent will not rise above inflation. All seems fair, seeing as a lot of people who rent find annual admin fees for staying in their houses and such.

Civitas said that there needs to be new regulatory measure when it comes to the private rental sector, in a bid to stop landlords exploiting tenants and taxpayers.

There's been an increase in a lack of affordability in the private renting sector and the knock-on from that is a bigger housing benefit bill for taxpayers, according to the report. It is getting serious too, with the amount of private renters needing housing benefit doubling in the past decade (according to the Future of Private Renting report).

The report argued that indefinite tenancies should be treated "as the norm", instead of keeping tenants on yearly contracts that require annual re-signing fees.

Daniel Bentley, author of the report, said: “As private renting grows it is important to ensure that it offers a fair deal to those who have little choice but to rely on it. Unfortunately the housing benefit system, which effectively props up purchasing power at the lower end of the market, militates against fair prices by subsidising landlords’ rent demands."

"This vicious circle will only worsen as the private rented sector comes to represent an ever-larger proportion of the housing market and more and more tenants have to fall back on housing benefit."

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  • Russell H.
    " in addition to guarantees that their rent will not rise above inflation" so tough shit for the landlord if their mortgage payments rise?

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