HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 18th June

If you’re Sir Fred Goodwin, you’re probably reading this as you look to make some savings after giving back a large lump of your disgusting pension. To you, we say ‘Good. That’ll teach you!’

To the rest of you we say, ‘Do you realise the greedy bastard is still on £342k a year along with a lumper of £2.7 million? Shocking. We won't be happy until he's eating out of park bins.’ Anyway, thanks to HotUKDeals, here’s some of the freshest bargains that ordinary folk might just be able to afford.

As the nation opens its eyes, blinks a little and wonders if the days of recession are almost over, the Nationwide are pitching in with some economy grease in the shape of a 95% tracker mortgage.

More about the new two and three-year tracker and fixed rate deals over at HUKD along with pages and pages of bickering among stubborn financial know-it-alls. Hugely entertaining stuff.

If you fancy an ocean-bound knees-up from Newcastle to Amsterdam, you should be all over their summer sale right now, with a return fare from just £47 per person. A mate of ours took this trip recently and said: “If you enjoy being trapped on a boat with a load of drunks it can’t be beaten.”

You’ll get 2 nights onboard ship in an en suite cabin, live entertainment onboard, coach transfers to and from Amsterdam and a quick shufty around the city before heading back again. You’ll never forget it – apart from the parts when you black out.

Finally, while we’re on the subject of blacking out through the drink, a suggestion for a Father’s Day gift – a litre bottle of Jack Daniels. It’s available for just £20 at the moment, £7.28 off the regular price.

You know, in a way, Deals Of The Day is almost like a father to you all, dispensing good advice in a wise, kindly manner; keeping you all on the straight and narrow as you stumble your way through life. So if you’d like to send us a bottle of Jack Daniels, drop us a line.

(deals found by HUKD members holly100, GG1 and rickypp)


  • Francis R.
    Will I get a similar reward and pension if i'm crap at my job and make huge mistakes that threaten the world economy? No, I'll get told to clear my desk and fuck off!
  • Francis R.
    Oh, I would like to send you a bottle of JD, but the top fell off, so top stop the contents evapourating, I had to drink it, all of it... hic...
  • macseffect
    You didnt include this > Has to be the Best deal of the day.

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