Halifax mortgage customers can expect unexpected pay-outs

PF-halifax-sign-2_1383848cIf you’re a Halifax mortgage customer, you could be in for a small windfall in the near future - that’s because the bank are making a ‘goodwill’ payment to 300,000 of you. It’s because Halifax is “committed to running its business with the highest levels of integrity and treating its customers fairly” - oh, and because it agreed a deal with the Financial Services Authority.

The announcement of the payments comes after it was discovered that Halifax had been, let’s say ‘vague’ over its right to charge customers more for standard variable rate mortgages and will total about £500 million altogether.

The Halifax raised the ceiling on its standard variable rate from bank rate plus 2% to bank rate plus 3% in January 2009, citing "extenuating economic conditions" but adding on extra charges to customers who hadn’t been pre-warned that this could be the case when they first took out their mortgages.

Affected customers will receive appropriate credits into their mortgage accounts in April. Meanwhile, a Halifax spokesperson is quoted as having said: “"We have had very few complaints - in the tens, fewer then 50.” So that’s alright then. They almost got away with it.



  • bitch
    How do you 'pre-warn' someone... surely doing so is to warn them... thus making it impossible to 'pre-warn' meh...
  • LanceVance
    They might not have enough cash to make anymore of those shite adverts. ISA, ISA, BABY. Cunts.
  • oliverreed
    Didn't we bail these bastards out?
  • A B.
    Would Halifax payouts apply to my mortgage with Intelligent Finance a Halifax subsidiary?
  • pramod k.
    dear mr.jonathan smith(account officer in charge-halifax moetgage) i want to say you i m sending mail to mr. jonathan smith but mailer systum is shwos the smith email id is wrong so please send me crrocct email id and contect me throw my email id
  • what m.
    when will we get our money back or are they swiging champane at some do and do we get compounding daily interrest on top like other people charge p morris
  • Yoshimi
    Got a letter saying I'm getting £1095! :-D
  • jeff
    ive just recieved a letter saying i have a £2800 "good will" payment,but they have knocked it off my outstanding mortgage ! can i demand this back in a chq format in stead,as i could really do with the cash??

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