Government should launch 'Help to Rent' scheme, says charity

25 February 2016

green houses A lack of funding has seen Britain's homelessness rocket in recent years, and one way to help solve this issue, is a 'Help to Rent' scheme, according to a charity.

Crisis say that the government should help people get out of homelessness, with a project that is similar to Help to Buy. Instead, it would help rough-sleepers to save for a deposit for a flat. The government would be able to help get a deposit to landlords, who often have big concerns over letting properties to the homeless.

According to Crisis, up to 82% of private landlords across England aren't willing to rent to homeless people. One of the big problems here, is that landlords worry that tenants who have been homeless are a bigger risk when it comes to rent arrears.

This is all part of Crisis' campaign called Home: No Less Will Do, which wants more done, getting people off the streets.

Of course, with the price of rent on the increase, up 5% in the past year on average, there's a lot of issues surrounding renting and accommodation. The government have been running a number of schemes to help people on the property ladder, but are they working? What do you think?

Jon Sparkes, chief executive of Crisis, said: "We need action to tackle this homelessness trap. The Government already helps first-time buyers struggling for a deposit; it's only fair they extend this help to those who need it most."

Chris Norris, head of policy, public affairs and research at the National Landlords Association, added: "It's a win-win situation: a homeless person finds a stable place to live and the landlord finds a tenant who wants to stay and make the house their home. That's why we're backing this campaign and calling on the Government to take action."


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  • Albi
    Fat chance. Landlords won't even rent to the self employed most of the time.
  • Marvin
    Self employed and not missed a rent payment in 4 years - still not a hope of getting a mortgage for 2/3rds of what you pay in rent, with 15% deposit. Heres hoping an EU exit will crash house prices (no chance).

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