Corpse-hiding pub boss saves weekend trade but loses liberty...

images (5) We’re living in ‘tough times’ and ‘tough decisions’ need to be made, especially if you’re running a business. But if you were a pub landlord who found a corpse in your establishment on a Friday night, what lengths would YOU go to in order to ensure that your crucial weekend trade wasn’t affected.

If you were 29-year-old Jason Chidgey, you might get a cleaner (but not the Harvey Keitel kind) to help you hide the body in a first floor room and then arrange for it to be ‘found’ the following Tuesday.

Yes, that’s what happened in the Boot Hotel in Aberdare, South Wales, with Chidgey pulling a Fawlty Towers in order to prevent a loss of takings at a vital time of the week. The dead man was pub regular Mark Howells, who passed away from natural causes relating to alcohol poisoning aged 48.

Chidgey roped in cleaner Audra Rees to help him hide the body in a first floor bedroom, and the corpse was ‘discovered’ the following Tuesday. But Mrs. Rees had nightmares about the incident and came clean (not in the Harvey Keitel sense) on the day of the funeral of Mr Howells.

The desperate landlord has been jailed for 15 months for perverting the course of justice.



  • Harvey K.
    There's lovely for you.
  • Natty
    Strange British sentencing again, probably would have got less time had he actually killed him then again he possibly did contribute a bit to Mr Howells demise. Still Mr Howells if contacted in the afterlife would surely say the extra days at the pub where a bit of a bonus.
  • Mustapha S.
    Hope he didn't pay his tab. Would love to have seen the landlord try and enter his pin, Alan Partridge style.
  • Russ
    I told him not to have the kippers
  • Seymour
    "natural causes relating to alcohol poisoning " Hardly natural if it's alcohol poisoning is it? your kidney doesn't just pack up from drinking too much water or eating too much bread.
  • Justin
    Another one fawlty? No, same one major. Shot was he? No, died in his sleep. Ah, well you're off guard you see - I wouldn't leave him lying around here, they attract the flies you see Lol, recited from memory!!!

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