Yowza!! iPhone app saves the coupons, saves the world

Not all actors are stupid lumps of meat. Some are quite clever, and some even like computers and stuff, just like normal people. Greg Grunberg, who plays brain-meddling copper Matt Parkman in Heroes, had an idea for an iPhone app, but was just the right side of geeky to not know how to build it. He found some people that did, and the result is Yowza!!.

Wotsit arl aboot? Retailers and restaurants use a CMS to add offers onto the application's database, which combines with the iPhone's GPS to display vouchers relevant to wherever you happen to be. The vouchers are displayed as barcodes which are then scanned at the till. Here's Grunberg to tell us more:

Of course, the app will only be successful if a significant number of retailers pick up on the application, and users get into the habit of eyeballing their iPhone while they shop. That's a pretty big ask, but the big man seems confident. Currently Yowza!! is only available in the US, but there are plans to launch it overseas very soon.


  • hicks
    Well this is a good and bad idea, good that you can get access to discount codes quickly but bad that the vid mentions looking for the best deal which this application really doesnt do so say a code from store A was £10 off but Store B was only £5 off however Store A costs £15 more than Store B to begin with so its still cheaper togo with store B.
  • Samuel B.
    This is very much like the Gizmondo which as we all know tried and.... FAILED!
  • WHY?
    WHY THE FUCK do like 1 in 10 BW stories involve the i-phone???????
  • Paul S.
    It's two stories out of the past 40. And some of your keys appear to be sticking.
  • Rubisco
    Cool idea, but he's still not as clever as Masi Oka.
  • dave
    Sign up for Twitter and you can see Grunberg shamelessly pimp it every 10 minutes. He is without doubt the most annoying person on Twitter so far. This whole concept is made of fail - the only reason it's getting spin time is because he is marketing it like a mofo - as soon as he stops, or in 6 weeks, whichever comes quicker, it's dead.
  • welshdan
    Application has already been done hasn't it? I've got a txt msg service set up on my iphone through paypoint (shop scan) that updates you with special offers of discounts and sales on in you local area, it gives you a barcode which you use at the paypoint in the local shop to get the special discount offer....the article makes it sound like it's a brand new idea, but the i've been getting this for a while?....MSE have been advertising that for ages?
  • Jack
    Its a fairly good idea, however do companies really want you to have all your coupons on you all the time? They prefer you to hear about these great offers so some people take advantage but many others forget or get other stuff. The barcode scanner for products sounds better, then you can compare products between stores. I think there are some things that can do this now, but a student at Aber University is develping an app for the iphone that will do it, and allow you to make wishlists and things like on Amazon.

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