Your weekend iPhone bait - ultimate proof iPhone is awesome

So who's the old fella dicking about with both a BlackBerry and an iPhone at the same time? Does he actually realise they're phones and not really small televisions? Hasn't arthritus robbed him of the use of his thumbs? Can Granddad even read the screens? Of course he can. OF COURSE HE CAN. Because that old man is only bloody Buzz Aldrin:

Bitterwallet - Buzz Aldrin and iPhone

If the iPhone is good enough for a man who has stood on the surface of another world, then it's good enough for you. So too is a BlackBerry by default, but at least you can now stop pissing and moaning and just buy one of them. Have a great weekend, y'all!

[Up Ship!] via [Gizmodo]


  • Peacecap J.
    I want Buzz to come back and clean my dirty with his soapy fish...
  • Jesus
    He probably also uses incontinence pants, doesnt make them good...
  • dados
    Some legroom on that EasyJet
  • Maude
    Jesus, I would rather have a pair of incontinence pants than shitty trousers.
  • c m.
    yet anouther bitterwallet iphone advert, seriously lame guys
  • zeddy
    That water looks a bit close. Maybe he's calling the rescue services.
  • Mark (.
    Love the fact c man totally missed the point
  • Concerned v.
    Does his website trawl the web looking for iphone stories? nearly one non-news story everyday. this website is turning to sh!t.
  • big m.
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  • Shadow
    to infinity and beyond
  • Shadow
    Bitterwallet brought to by Apple
  • Lakeside
    ^ ^ you
  • eViL c.
    The caption to that picture should read "hey that obviously gay, blind retarded guy left his iPhone here, let's take a peek at his text messages ... oh wait .... it's crashed"
  • Evil S.
    Which other world did Buzz stand on? As far as I know he's only stood on this world, and it's moon. Which isn't a world, it's a moon, hence the name. The MOON. See how that works?
  • Amanda H.
    Buzz, now that's a Chavs name.
  • Col B.
    I guess the Blackberry is just there as a piece of jewellery or something. Not for filling in the, er, functionality gap.
  • Darren W.
    But which is best? Iphone or Blackberry bold?
  • Shazzam-ass-master
    OBVIOUSLY a combination of both! Tsk tsk.
  • -Mike H.
    Yes, but can we be sure he's actually stood on the moon and not in a hanger in area 51? This proves that the iPhone is shit and used by lying wankers like Aldrin. P.S. I thought Buzz Lightyear was the first man on the moon?

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