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Bitterwallet - iPhone 4 It’s a truly lovely thing when avid Bitterwallet readers jump into action and come up with ways that their fellow Bitterwalleteers can save some dough.

That’s what happened yesterday – not once but twice! As a result, we’ve got a couple of spreadsheets to share with you, aimed at helping prospective iPhone 4 purchasers to figure out where they’ll get the best deal from the barrage of tariff information that’s been released so far.

The first one, from avid Bitterwallet reader Alan, can be directly downloaded HERE.

The second one, from equally-avid Bitterwallet reader Robin, can be directly downloaded HERE.

We’ll try and update them as soon as more information is released and if you spot any glitches, please let us know. And please leave little messages of gratitude for Alan and Robin in the comments box below. If we had medals, they’d be at the front of the queue for them. But we haven’t.


  • Alan S.
    How about consolidating the spreadsheets to save people looking / maintaining two documents?
  • Angry B.
    Cheers for the two spreadsheets.
  • Simon W.
    Get the first one from Alan, it's far better as it has filters for prices, minutes, texts etc. Sadly Bitterwallet have not directly linked to it but decided to host it themselves, so when he updates it you wont be able to get the updated one. Instead head here for it : Then you'll be sure to get the most recent one with new prices when they come out. It's being hosted on his Dropbox account so the link will always stay the same when it's updated.
  • Ballu
    nice work... pls upload to google documents & publish. everyone can this click on the provided url address. both of you can work on the same document.
  • Simon W.
    Google doc's don't support the filtering. That's why Alan opted for an Excel version over that.
  • Matt
    Could we set up another spreadsheet which monitors all the spreadsheets comparing tariff data so we know which is the best spreadsheet to use when trying to decide which tariff we want to choose?
  • Klingelton
    it's simple, this is a database of prices. Store it in a database so you can query it properly and quickly without referring to the need to download "updated" versions of it. Might as well write this shit down on paper. Obviously these morons work for upper management and havn't discovered the wonderful world of the database.
  • Liam G.
    I'm fairly confident that the leaked vodafone tariffs were purely for web devs to test - i'll eat my hat if any other operator offers the iPhone for a different price.
  • Andy D.
    @Simon Wicks - Alan will be sending us the updated version as and when he adds new data to it. We're hosting them both here as Robin's spreadsheet exceeded its download limit when he posted the link yesterday. Thanks for your input though. Your withering tone would have been far more effective if you'd been in full possession of the facts.
  • Codify
    Try these google doc versions: Alan: Simon:
  • Nobby
    You need to add the following line to the spreadsheets I am not an apple fanboy twat £0.00
  • Simon W.
    Andy, yeah, Alan later informed me that you had offered to host for him, I'd take back the words if there were a delete button.
  • ButterMan
    a) You forgot about cashback b) The Voda pricing is bullshit Good work otherwise though.
  • MrRobin
    Alan's spready is in a filterable list format which is simple to use and easy to see differences between similar plans. It also has information about previous iPhones and has a wider selection of networks. Mine is in a tabular format which makes it easier to compare more of the market at once and tries to take into account your typical monthly usage to make a recomendation to what tariff is best for you.
  • Alan
    herro. Reason ive not put it on Google Docs is because I cannot filter it on there. In google docs that someone has posted above, you can change the view to "List" and it should let you have dropdown boxes, but its not as efficient as just loading it in excel or in an open source excel sheet maker thingy. (Openoffice?) For the comments about databases, I dont use databases, so I have no real urge to do that. This was a simple thing I was making for myself to let me keep my eye on the costs and i decided to freely share what I was making with everyone else. If it helps you, then Im glad it does. If you are just going to moan about it, then why even comment about it? This spreadsheet is purely for people wanting to compare their prices. - Also, by next weekend, the spreadsheets will be complete and everyone can carry on with their lives. Enjoy! :)
  • Vinay
    O2 have announced their iPhone Pricing
  • Klingelton
    I don't moan specifically about this sheet, mate. I moan specifically about the insistance of using spreadsheets to accomplish a database task, and don't take it personally - it's a problem that blights much of business. I long for the day when data is stored in databases so it can be easily reported on and maintained. Alas, through lack of knowing any better, people persist in using out dated storage facilities. This isn't a personal dig at yourself, it's a personal frustration of mine. I implore you spend some time researching databases and their application and how you might benefit from them. And then, only then, will you see the gripe I have, and how many savings you might make.
  • Alan
    Spreadsheet now updated with O2's prices. Waiting for PAYG prices and once these are announced, Ill put them in so you can make direct comparisons with Orange PAYG prices.
  • MrRobin
    @Klingelton: I see where you're coming from but don't forget that using a spreadhseet to hold a list is just a database! Hosting data in a proper database application usage is only really warranted when there is more data than a spreadsheet can reasonably hold. In this case where there is only 100 odd rows, a database app would be overkill. Those O2 prices seem topsy turvey. Why would the handset cost more on the 24m plans than on the 18m plans?
  • M4RKM
    @MrRobin - it looks odd on that first one, but the 24 month tariff is £5 a month cheaper..
  • Klingelton
    answer seems simple to me: The mobile companies are seeing the iphone as a way of extorting stupid money out of stupid people. I say, hold onto your pennies and don't upgrade unless you need to. They are just taking money from people who are hell bent on having the latest gadget and they're feeling that they no longer need to subsidise handsets. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!
  • Simon W.
    O2 Said in a tweet about the handset costs being the wrong way round for 18/24 month. It's now been corrected.
  • M4RKM
    @Kingelton - I think you might be right, and i'm leaning towards buying the handset sim free, and sticking with my discounted simplicity 1 month contract with o2.....
  • Andy D.
    @Simon Wicks - S'alright. My reply was pretty twatty.
  • MrRobin
    I'm confused, O2 twitter says the pricing is not the wrong way round. How weird
  • Barcode
    The O2 prices appear incorrect but what they have done is alligned themto columns based on minutes in contract as opposed to the way the rest of the world does it on contract price. To compare by contract price £30 - 24m = £179 handset £30 - 18m = £209 handset Hope this helps
  • Ballu
    with o2 u can usually change down a tariff each month after 9 months so eg. handset:29 + 50x9 + 45 + 40 + 35x7 =809 total contract cost over 18 mths with minimum 300 mins/mth
  • ButterMan
    Orange and O2 have stopped advertising for iPhone customers via google sponsored results - a keen analyst might note that this means they have more than enough customers now on their mailing lists to run through their first delivery at the very least.
  • terry
    hrrrm decisions decisions, my iphone 3g 16gb slowness is beginning to grate on me but the o2 iphone simplicity tariff Im on is only £20 per month. buy outright and stick with tariff or opt for new contract...
  • LuckyL
    great work, thanky for the lists - now you can see what a rip-off this is. Yet the sheep™ will buy it by the millions.
  • Klingelton
    @LuckyL You're absolutely right. I will laugh at the first of my friends to "check his text messages" in a pub with one of these. (invariably iPhone owners rarely get text messages, but feel the regular need to check their messages)
  • ButterMan
    I'm going to make an Android app called "Projection" that explains this complicated psychological phenomena in an easy-to-understand way. Nobody gives a flying fuck about your dedication to denigrating Apple. Some people like iPhones, others don't. We get it. We get you. Now fuck off.
  • Tgizzle
    Hi guys, I wondered if I could get everyone's opinion. I am going to uni in September and my contract just ran out on my current phone. I need a new phone and tbh I love Apple. Who doesn't. So what contract would you recommend to someone that mostly texts, will use a lot of data, and phone every so often. It will be used as my primary music player too. All help would be appreciated :) mt
  • Chris
    Am I right in thinking that my £20 monthly simplicity plan will stay on unlimited data until such a point that I change my contract?
  • Ballu
    @TGizzle get a Dell streak on o2
  • AK
    Can you add the payg and simfree options?
  • Ten B.
    [...] ultimate iPhone 4 tariff-comparison [...]
  • Just m.
    @Butterman WELL SAID, I'm fed up listening to these anti-Apple wankers who are worse than any of their so called "fan-boy" hate targets. You don't like Apple fine, don't friggin buy one then you arseholes, plenty of people like them due to either their ease of use, all round integration, or just plain style, that's their choice, fuck off and leave them to it you bunch a bitter sad wankers
  • Junko H.
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