Your mobile needs some modest underpants

Toymaker, Bandai, has unleashed a wondrous thing on the world - SMART PANTS™. What are they? They're underpants for your mobile phone. And of course, they're an instant hit!

Hisashi Moriuchi came up with the idea, saying: "I was asked by my boss to come out with something amusing to sell in capsule vending machines. So I thought it would be funny to dress up my iPhone with underwear."

phone pants

"The purpose of the smart pants is partly to protect the home button of your smart phone from being accidentally pushed. People wear pants to protect their sexual organs, their most sensitive spot. Well, on the Android phones, that's the home button and the same with the iPhone. It just feels right to cover it up nicely."

Moriuchi does add that, rather than functionality, "its major purpose is to be amusing."

If you would like to see the range of underpants you can buy for your phone or, indeed, find out more about them, have a look at where they have more. We're waiting for iPad lingerie.


  • Kapitein Z.
    Underpants for foxes is what we need.
  • Jerry
    hahaha, I really think that's a great and funny idea!! (there must be something wrong with me!!)
  • badger
    Listen "Jerry" or whoever you are, you do NOT come onto BW and leave positive comments. You just don't. Got that, freak?
  • badgerbaiter
    Listen can fuck off right now. I know who you are and where you live, (if you live just down from The Chestnuts still), don't make me come down there a deliver an indigent email in person. Particularly if you don't live there anymore, or that email will hit the wrong mat.
  • badgerbaiter autocorrect just buggered me..... you all know I meant indignant right. Oh just fuck off the lot of you, I know where you all live. fuckers.
  • fibbingarchie
    'People wear pants to protect their sexual organs, their most sensitive spot' I thought people wore pants to protect their trousers from shit and piss stains!

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