Your iPhone will tell you if your boss is spying on you

440x330-iphone-5-front-back Apple are not only trying to thwart government advances from getting in your phone and via the security they've put in place, but they're also going to snitch on your employers too.

See, sometimes, people secretly keep track of your phone through mobile monitoring, and Apple would like to see you having more personal privacy in that regard. They want more transparency for those who own an iPhone.

What's happening, apparently, is that the next Apple update you get - iOS 9.3 – could see you getting a message on your device, which will tell you if your iPhone is being supervised. According to the whispers in tech-world, you'll get a prominent message on your phone, and on your lock screen, if someone is snooping around your business.

A message on the lock screen will say 'this iPhone is managed by your organisation' and it'll have something on the About screen which will give you more detail, including text that says your iPhone’s supervisor can monitor your internet traffic and locate your device. What you do with that information from there, is up to you.

This is most likely to affect people who work for companies that give a number of phones and devices out to their staff, as a company phone or whatever. It'll be utilised on supervised devices set up through Apple’s Device Enrolment Program, and will offer a feature called MDM (or Mobile Device Management, if you prefer).

It doesn't look like you can turn off the supervision software, and it isn't likely that Apple will let you block it either, but it will give you a reminder. So you better behave, eh?

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