Your iPhone 4S tariff comparison guide

iphone4s We’re all about The Big Society here at Bitterwallet – helping each other out to make the world a better place for all of us. One of our most avid readers and a keen Bitterwalleteer is Laura Kane, and she’s taken the time and trouble to put together some information that can help all of us.

It’s a pricing grid that compares and contrasts tariffs for the new iPhone 4S, which is due to be launched on Friday. If you’re thinking about getting one but can’t be arsed to trawl through the websites of the various providers and write stuff down, then this could be just the thing you’re looking for.

It focuses on the 600-minute tariffs and Laura tells us: “I put at least 20 minutes work into it!” which is all the proof you need that it’ll be completely accurate. Well done Laura!

She’s hosted it as a spreadsheet in Google Docs and if you click here you can get a closer look at it.


  • IPhonys_are_shit
    " can help all of us." I am really hoping this site is not totally full of chav'y Vain people who love them selves so much they have to buy a phone named after a fruit, just because its shiny. Even though technically it is inferior to the competition Note: I do accept that the original IPhone was ahead of it time, but the current one is a serious Fail!
  • The B.
    I've written a little précis that will help iPhone owners: Get a proper smartphone. That is all.
  • IPhone t.
    Seriously, buy any old phone you like and whining about the other one.. jeez
  • Phil
    I thought the cheapest option was an iphone 4 and an S sticker. Just like the drivers do!
  • TheOtherBloke
    @Phil, that is an IPhone 4S
  • The B.
    Get 'em quick before Samsung gets 'em removed from the market for copyright infringement.
  • jamie
    Thats ALOT of money for not alot. Would love to see a spreadsheet like this for other phones, any idea where i can get that?
  • Thanks
    In between all the toss pots who never have anything nice to say and just fancy having a right old bitch every, I just want to chuck in a big Thanks Laura for this very useful summary!
  • Marky M.
    ^ What he said.
  • Steve J.
    @IPhonys_are_shit Want to talk about massive fail? How about the phone not being named after a fruit, dick.
  • Alexis
    Funny how all the poor people say it's crap.
  • IPhonys_are_shit
    @Steve Jobs FAIL FAIL FAIL. you Failure. and such an original username... HaHa Go Get Some Facts. "How Apple got its name? In 1976 Steve Jobs was working in a community type farm in Oregon and that inspired him to name the company Apple Computers. " Apple did great setting the standard for smart phones, but now they are starting to seriously lag behind, which from a person working in technology, is very disappointing. I agree we should thank Laura for the effort, just unfortunate it's for a piece of old outdated plastic. could you please do the same for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (aka Nexus Prime) when it is announced next Wednesday. now there will be a real phone!
  • The B.
    @Alexis, we lay down our lives before you, you truly are king of the trolls. Although Alexis is a girls name so you're queen of the trolls.
  • Steve J.
    So your point being that the company is named after the fruit.... not the phone.
  • Alexis
    You mean glass and metal. The Nexus is made of recycled condoms by the look of it.
  • IPhones_are_shit
    @Steve Jobs wannabe Your point being, you have no real point to make, just talking garbage, at least you could have provided some relevant discussion on the subject. But that would take more than 0.01 brain cells. (in case you are not sure, 0.01 is less than 1) But then again you used "dick" in your reply, only foul mouthed losers like you would provide such useless comments. so please crawl back under the bridge you came out of. Rant over. Good Luck!
  • klingelton
    i own both HTC and iPhone. (this gives me a right in a unique position to comment on both). I want to know HOW the iPhone is lagging behind the competition... what does the competition do that the iPhone doesn't (that is significantly better). I'd like to see evidence to substantiate your claim.
  • StuPid
    It's a very nice phone, and I do like iOS, however it wasn't the quantum leap we all expected. I've recently got rid of my Android handset, after about 18 months and picked up a Windows Phone 7.5 handset. Quality wise, the iPhones are way ahead of anything HTC have released, the look and feel is lovely and iOS works very well - Android frustrated me so much that I was actually glad to get rid of it! I will be updating my iPad and iPod Touch to iOS 5 very soon and look forward to Twitter integration and many new features, but I don't want to pay massively for the latest handset to use the software. I think my point is that the hardware is good, as good as anything else, but it is the software integrating perfectly with the hardware that I enjoy about Apple products - I pick up an iDevice and instantly know how to start using it - I can honestly say I didn't get that with my HTC Android phone, although I have found Windows Phone 7 - updated to Mango, to be very intuitive
  • spanks
    Tesco should be considered as an option too. Overall they were the cheapest for the iphone 4 last time plus clubcard points of about 20 quid.
  • Brad
    T3 magazine named the Samsung Galaxy S2 the new king the other day and they love to suck at the cock of Apple, Maybe Samsung should sue Apple for using the word 'S' it would be ironic and very much in line with the way Apple like to 'Protect their Brand'.
  • Paul C.
    The Tesco tarriffs are by FAR the best value and aren't even on there. They have almost DOUBLE most data plans and are only 12 month contracts. Tesco piggyback off the O2 network.
  • Laura K.
    Thanks Spanks & Paul Coia, I had intended to add Tesco to the sheet but they were pretty slow to come out with pricing and they slipped off the radar. I've now added the Tesco 12 & 24 month 750 mins (closest comparable) to the spreadsheet. Thanks for the positive feedback folks!
  • Spreadsheet G.
    not the greatest spreadsheet in the world, useful, but not great. could be designed so much better to make it more user friendly.
  • Fence S.
    The hardware on the iPhone is tailor made to the software and vice versa; hence a much better user experience. iTunes is bloated; and the process of backup restore is a pain, but I would take this over a terrible marketplace and piss poor ports to numorous plastic handsets that end up being almost obsolete (by having support pulled) within 6 months of release. I only like the iPhone; the iPad is a pile of shite by the way. But you can shove your Android phones up your arses.
  • iphone4sbod
    @brad Is this the same T3 magazine that's making a comparison when nobody has really had a lot of time with the iPhone 4 s yet? (at most 2/3 days?) The end of the first paragraph just about sums up the Samsung Galaxy S2: "cheap and uninspiring". The telling point is that when the Galaxy Nexus is finally released, it won't be compared to the Motorola Droid or the Galaxy S2, it will be compared to the iPhone 4s and be better in some ways and not in others. Then 6 months down the line, they'll release the Nexus2 and STILL compare it to the iPhone 4s. And somewhere in between, Android will try and imitate Siri and it will be OK, but not brilliant. But then, they'll release a second version which will just be a little better than Siri is now and just before Apple releases it's second version of Siri which will be a massive jump forward again... Repeat until bored.
  • Paul C.
    @ Laura - sorry for appearing ungrateful. I was supposed to do one of these for my online blogteam but, kudos to you for actually doing it. You've done a stellar job, and apolgies for not realising that it had been created before Tesco had announced their plans. When it all boils down to it - the criteria that look for in a phone/contract: brevity data phone memory and ultimately for those pointers, Tecso is the clear-cut winner.
  • Laura K.
    @Paul - I didn't mean to suggest anything of the sort - I appreciate and welcome constructive criticism! Missing out Tesco was clearly an error for the reason you state: brevity, data and phone memory makes them an absolute winner here. They're just a bit slow with their announcements, and have slightly less fanfare about it than the rest. @Spreadsheet Geek - please do take the data and improve on this! It was originally just a tally sheet so I could keep an eye on what was happening with 4S pricing because I planned to leave O2, but people find it useful so if you could make the data here even more useful then do! Don't forget to hit us up with a link here when you do :)
  • Dick
    Crowbar from Aldi £4.99 Balaclava from Primark £2.99 Total cost £7.98.
  • IPhones_are_shit
    "I want to know HOW the iPhone is lagging behind the competition… what does the competition do that the iPhone doesn’t (that is significantly better). I’d like to see evidence to substantiate your claim." Technology wise, it is even behind the Samsung Galexy S II which is an 6 month old phone. I agree it the IPhone is the best looking phone and user experience, but as for build quality, my Android is more reliable, I have had the Desire since day 1 and never had a problem with it. I have a friends with IPhone's and they are always complaining and I also have friends who swear by it, (ok these ones are more vain than the first, seems to be a correlation) I was tempted to join the IPhony's if "Granny Smith" was to release the IPhone 5, which sounded exactly what I expect from "Crab", to again be the leaders in both technology/software and user experience. not just user experience. And people going on about Siri. OH COME ON, anyone using it ourside their car will look like a total twat, and piss off everyone else around them, it's bad enough people playing music loudly, but now talking to their phones on public transport? Its kinda like "oh we have nothing new to win points on, so we will brag about Voice Activation" All I want is the best. and the new IPhone 4s just does not offer that.
  • It's b.
    Rather than "are shit", I think "don't meet my needs as exactly as a competing product" is a more truthful assessment, no? People have many ways to evaluate how 'good' a phone is. Those people who value elegance, and any sane person MUST acknowledge that that's one of Apple's trump cards, may evaluate products in a very different way from, ah, those people who don't...
  • Apple d.
    The Apple loving fan club really are the most gullible people in the world - snap out of it!
  • iphone g.
    There’s another great guide on the App Store, in a flashcard format, with many illustrations.. The app’s called iCademy… It’s free.

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