Your first mobile phone - not as cool as you once thought

The mobile phone is now over 25 years old. Most of us paupers couldn't afford one until the mid-90s, but that's still a good 15 years' worth of pumping cancer into our minds and conducting covert extra-marital affairs.

Webdesigner Depot has put together a reasonably comprehensive history of the mobile phone, from the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X in 1983, through to the iPhone and beyond to the likes of the Walkman Phone Premier3. Not every handset is included, but rather "most popular phones and the phones that were "firsts" for a particular feature".

It's an enlightening ramble down silicon lane - aside from some non-descript Sony Ericsson model, the above is my history with handsets. How I loved my Nokia 5510 and its capacity to store a whopping 64 Mb of music, despite it looking like a housebrick; how proud I felt to be the first to own a Nokia 3510(i) with its colour screen. And how I swore at the Nokia 6400 for having all the handheld functionality of a cow's teat.

It's worth a trawl through this reasonably extensive archive of models and what they brought to the mobile party, if for no other reason than to remind yourself that however cool you think your current mobile is, history will disagree. So what was your first mobile, and when did you buy it? What was its killer feature way back then?

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  • Aya
    Nokia 3315, when I was 15, about 6 years ago. Killer feature - the snake game!
  • John
    Poorly written article, there are many errors and omissions on there although looking over the site it was clearly not written by anyone with mobile phone expertise.
  • Chris
    The 3510i was great, when I got mine think I was one of the first people in my college to have a phone with a colour screen.
  • The E.
    Ericsson T18 I think and it's former/latter variants...loved the flashing if/when ok ie battery ok and red when the stub aerial...the days b4 full colour screens, txts. games etc etc ie a mobile 'phone' for making/taking 'calls' wow how things have changed lol
  • Gus
    I am surprised that this is not an" I love Apple" article.
  • Anna L.
    How on earth can they miss out the Nokia 2110 - really stood out in terms of size and functionality back in '95. In fact 1994 and 1995 seem to be missing. On the other hand they seem to have included just about smartphone released in the last 3 years.
  • Anna L.
    D'oh N-gage either, a failure but a revolutionary one.
  • Decron
    Bit dissapointed in that site, it misses out a lot of seminal and influential handset from history and just seems to concentrate on the later stuff.
  • Sean
    Indeed - appears less of a history lesson, and more of a 'what your mates might have in their pocket if they're lazy with upgrading' article...
  • Dan
    "but that’s still a good 15 years’ worth of pumping cancer into our minds" AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA i just sprayed ginger beer all over my monitor reading that!! comedy genius
  • nk
    interesting article, seen a few of the oldies in there!
  • leighroy
    Nokia 3210 I think it was! When I was 16 in 1999. Lasted for ages actually, despite being the most ill treated phone in history.
  • Mike H.
    Yup, the oldies were the best, not filled with crappy little features and graphics no one gives a shit about, long live the 3210. I think in a few years time, we'll see a resugence in 'old skool' phones with the new technology, dope.
  • martyparty
    You need to be more inventive with your phone recyling two and a half grand for an old Nokia? and by all accounts 200 million of them were sold, wish my car had that kind of residual....

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