You can't get cash with NatWest's Get Cash app at the moment

nat west app NatWest customers are in TURMOIL right now, after the bank’s Get Cash mobile phone app was suspended following concerns about fraud. The app allows current account customers to withdraw cash without a debit card, but has seemingly been targeted by evil-eyed hackers.

The app has been suspended in the wake of Radio 4’s Money Box programme, which reported that one customer had lost £950 in eleven separate transactions when his account was hacked. Earlier today, Money Box presenter Paul Lewis tweeted: ‘Thieves used GetCash to steal £3000 (Tim); £1500 (Nigel); £950 (Georgia); £1500 (Luke); £1000 (Pam); £1300 (David); all NatWest customers...’

NatWest aren’t admitting to any of it. They’ve come out and said: ‘ "The Get Cash feature of the RBS and NatWest mobile app is temporarily unavailable to customers as a result of a planned update". She added that it would be back up and running shortly.’



  • Jeremy
    Why would use an easily lost/stolen/broken mobile phone to pay for anything? What's wrong with good old pounds, shillings and pence?
  • Pondlife
    The phones hadn't been stolen. And the app doesn't let you pay for anything directly, just lets you access cash from a cash machine. The issue has nothing to do with their phones, in at least one case they had never used the app and weren't even aware of it's existence.
  • sailor S.
    lollies \o/ I now reject any form of communication but in writing! I have a truecall recording system on the home phone and no mobile now :o How things have changed! All good for me thought \o/
  • Pondlife
    Yeah none of which would have helped you
  • Haggis
    Just goes to show that you can't be too careful.

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