Yes, you can get a refund for your iPhone app

The always excellent Frackulous has advice for you if you've stumped up for buggy iPhone apps. Unlike Android, there's no simple refund process (the Android market allows customers to get their money back with 24 hours of purchase for any reason) and it's a bit of a chew on, but the option there if you want to try and claim your cash back.



  • Mr G.
    All that freakin' control that Apple have, that you sell your soul to get and no customer service. Apple are now worse than M$ have ever been. Tossers
  • PokeHerPete
    If only the Apple app store had the same refunds process as the Android one - there would probably be 70% less revenue!!
  • Hotpoint
    what the hell is she wearing, it distracted me.
  • Corina
    I have not yet invested into a smart phone yet and was looking into purchasing one of the three ( iphone, blackberry or Android) phones but its becoming apparent that Android would be a good investment. I have heard other benefits of it as well. Thank You for sharing it with us
  • Kevin
    Fairly simple isn't it? If your app doesn't work you can claim a refund, if it's just shit then it's your fault.
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