Yahoo ditch passwords with new app

yahoo_logo Yahoo have gone and redesigned the Yahoo Mail mobile app, which is all well and good - but why should anyone care?

Well, apart from the kind of tweaks you'd expect, the app will no longer ask you to use passwords to access your emails. SO WHAT WILL YOU DO? Well, you will use a new feature called Yahoo Account Key, which lets users log in by entering their email, and tapping a push notification to get into their account.


Basically, Yahoo Account Key needs you to link your Yahoo account to your mobile device, then, when you get to the log in page, you pop in your email addy, select the Account Key function which then sends a push notification to your device, and boom, you're in.

Yahoo hope that this will stop people from having to remember loads of passwords and the like, presuming of course, absolutely anyone else on Earth takes this system up. It does add a second layer of security though, should anyone hack your details and want to get into your account, but we're sure criminals are already working on that.

This new app will also keep your contact list up to date by connecting with your various social media accounts, and it'll give you real-time details on each person, so you can be sure you've always got their most recent number and all that. And you'll be able to swipe to do things as well, like most apps.

The app is available for iOS and Android people to download right now, if you care. Here's a video about it all.

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