Yahoo and Nokia in a you-don't-give-a-damn partnership

Bitterwallet - Yahoo and NokiaIt's the deal nobody cares about, in that it's unlikely to change the world for the better or worse, or in a way that can be considered consequential. Two companies that suck - Yahoo and Nokia - have joined forces to provide a raft of services that'll suck just as much.

The partnership will see each company use the other's services across PC and mobile; Nokia will provide exclusive maps and navigation to Yahoo, while Yahoo will become the exclusive provider of Nokia's Ovi mail and chat services. It's all in a bid to take on the other major league players who already have a presence across both web and mobile - namely Microsoft, Apple and Google.

The only thing anybody seems to still love about Yahoo is Flickr, and the last time anybody used Yahoo for search was to compare it to Bing when Microsoft's search engine launched. Meanwhile Nokia continues to lose ground the smartphone market, so does such a partnership stand any sort of a chance? Possibly, according to tech journalist Stuart Dredge, who believes the inevitable derisory remarks are "Western-centric": "Nokia and Yahoo's focus on markets not yet gripped by iPhone and Android fever could pay big dividends if the partnership works well."

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  • .
    Nice camera to film wonky henry and his animal friends,
  • Nobby
    Back in the day when yahoo were big and the browser of choice was Netscape, there was a joke about them partnering and moving to Israel. They were going to be called "Net n' Yahoo". It is still not funny, but better than bumming a fox.
  • Fatal E.
    Yahoo are still going?
  • Cheddar
    Ok I have been away for a while but I thought I'd stop in just to give a few of these posts the WTF IS DIS REAL
  • window l.
    i lick windows!!
  • Fred Interesting considering Yahoo and Microsoft have a strategic alliance already.
  • Hummy
    I realise that the iPhone, Android and Blackberry have huge mindshare but aren't Nokia still leading in global market share?
  • Whaaaa
    I got my £285 Desire yesterday. Nokia looks as bad as Apple's iPhones with their range and pricing in comparison.
  • That t.
    That new phone looks ace, has it got a CD-rom drive in it too?
  • That t.
    Whaaaa, you paid £285 for a phucking phone? You dopey tit-end, you're almost as bad as the BMW/Audi driving cnuts with their £700 'I've been phucked by Apple' iPhones, in the hope that the pissed fat bitch in the corner will have a slight interst in them, cnuts!
  • David
    £285 for a portable telephone??!! Fool!
  • Narcissus
    Yes, Nokia is a company that no one gives a damn about. That's why they're _STILL_ the largest handset manufacturer in the world. There are countries where the word for mobile phone is "Nokia". This story is another victim of Bitterwallet's poor attempts to inject humor resulting in the usual shoddy reporting and distant relationship with fact.
  • Paul S.
    Nokia are *still* the largest handset manufacturer in the world through longevity. I don't see many people talking about Nokia when discussing the future of mobile.

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