Would you watch ads to reduce your monthly mobile bill?

the-brick--talking-mobile-phone-holderNew research commissioned by data analytics company Guavus found that cash-strapped consumers are willing to exchange their time for money-off. Almost half (47%) of respondents said they would be keen to watch adverts on their smartphone in exchange for commercially-funded or part-funded line rental. Forced advertising has allowed free use of apps for years, so why not extend the model to mobile phone contracts?

“According to eMarketer, advertisers spend more per user on mobile advertising in the UK than any other country…The latest IAB (Internet Advertisers Bureau) figures shows mobile advertising in the UK grew by 148%; with total digital ad spend reaching £5bn in 2012” said Louis Brun, senior vice president of Guavus.

But the survey of 2,545 UK smartphone users also revealed that customers would be prepared to go even further, with up to 46% of consumers willing to sell their data to third parties to get cheaper or free upgrades. However, appetite for giving away personal data varies with age, with over half of 16-24 year olds up for it, as opposed to just 26% of those aged 55-64. Who probably don’t have a smartphone anyway.

> 43% of consumers would be willing for operators to sell their aggregated anonymous personal data; such as, age, profession, location etc., to third parties

> 46% would be willing for operators to sell their anonymised usage data, such as which apps they downloaded and how often, to third parties

The research also stated that 84% of users think that operators should be using their data to offer them a service tailored to their specific requirements.

So what do you think? Is consenting to explicit mining of your data for financial reward just plain stupid, or it is more idiotic not to, given data giants like Google just use it for free anyway? Would you sell your soul personal information to the marketing devil in exchange for cheaper services?


  • John
    I would rather pay for an ad free service anyday, and to let companys use your information to get a cheaper phone rental is a crazy idea. If you cannot afford it, you dont buy it simple no? if the latest greatest gadget isn't affordable you wait until it is.
  • RichTE
  • Sicknote
    Er no - I already pay £300 a month for 7 mobiles so adverts about the local Indian take away or some vaginal deodorant would grate on my balls.

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