Worst ever Android bug is here - make sure you have the right anti-virus

android lollipop Last year, we heard about the Stagefright vulnerability which was getting up in people's Android phones. This virus is now back, with a new strain, which is putting people's phones at risk. It doesn't matter if you've got a Samsung, HTC phone, or whatever - you need to keep an eye out.

This bug could compromise your handset in under 20 seconds according to shrieking experts, and applies to millions of devices running Android. It has been called "the worst Android vulnerabilities discovered to date,", which is a bit worrying.

In this particular hack, if you get lured into looking at a page with that contains a malicious MPEG-4 multimedia file, it could wreck your phone and sends the data in it to the server of the attacker.

Google know about this, and have said that devices running the October 1, 2015 security update (or more recent) will be fine. If you're running Android Marshmallow, you're good.

Make sure you're running the latest update. Go into your settings and check for updates, and if you've got one waiting, get it done. You might also want to install some anti-virus and security features on your Android smartphone, and handily for you, we've got a guide for the best ones you can download.

Have a look at the best Android anti-virus security apps you can download, here.

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