Woman chains herself to EE shop in protest

Woman chains herself to EE shop in protest

How much do you hate your mobile provider? Are you counting down the days until your contract is up so you can leave them for pastures new?

Well, one lady took it to the next level.

She hates EE so much, that she went to one of their stores, and held a protest. She sat in their doorway in Bangor, and refused to budge, as you can see in the image above.

Diane Cartwright basically sat there until the company released her from her contract, or issue her with a new phone.

She padlocked herself to the shop.

We'd mock her for the way she put "peacefull" on her protest card, but our spelling is far too suspect for that.

One reason she was furious with EE, was because (she claims) losing money at her business (dog-grooming affair called Porthma 'DOG') because of the lousy service from EE.

Mainly, she was concerned with her dwindling signal, which she says has lost her up to £1,000 in business in missed calls and the like.

To the Daily Post, she said: "I can't afford another week without my phone working. All I need is the PAC code. They don't want you to leave." The police were called, but they didn't do anything.

The protest worked though, and EE issued Diane with a PAC code so she could leave them.

A spokesperson said: "We understand Ms Cartwright experienced issues receiving phone signal, which our store staff attempted to resolve by upgrading her Orange account to EE, but after she still experienced issues she came to the decision to leave EE."

"It can take up to 48 hours for a PAC to be issued, as our store team advised on the day. We've confirmed the PAC was successfully received on Wednesday afternoon."

"Her account has now been cancelled at no extra cost. We are also speaking to her to arrange a small additional gesture of goodwill."

If you want to change your mobile provider without chaining yourself to a shop, then follow our guide.

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