Windows Phone 8.1 Update - as exciting as it sounds!

cortana Microsoft have announced the first update for their Windows Phone 8.1!

The upgrade offers such giddiness as new security features Cortana, which is Microsoft’s virtual assistant designed to beat Apple and Google’s smartphone helpers at their own game.

Sticking with the sassy Windows Phone 8.1 Update as its name, it alters Cortana to work in different markets. It's already being released in beta version in the UK and China, and their Cortanas are adapted to work in those areas.

Fr' instance, Chinese Cortana has Mandarin support for speech, voice and text. It also provides suggestions that are tailored to Chinese users, such as air quality and whether the traffic is moving at all.

In the UK, Cortana has been fitted with a local accent (no news on whether this can altered to a specific region as yet, although 'gruff Yorkshire' would be good) and spells all its word correctly (ie: in English) and will thrill its owners with news of the football scores and stock exchange doings.

Clearly aware we're all giddy for Cortana, Joe Belfiore - Microsoft's Corporate Vice President and manager for Windows Phone, breathlessly said in a blog: "We know there has been a lot of enthusiasm about Cortana in many other markets, and we wanted to give more people the ability to start using Cortana."

Cortana is also being rolled out in Canada, India and Australia, with variants on it suited to those particular markets, none of which are known as yet, so we'll avoid any casual mildly racist stereotyping for now.

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  • Billybobjimbob
    "We know there has been a lot of enthusiasm about Cortana". Yep, I hear about it all the time. Like ALL the time.

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