Windows Phone 7 looks really nice (so stop taking about iPhone)

You've gotta love Microsoft. They've come up with a very exciting mobile OS in Windows Phone 7, which was launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday. It's bright, contemporary (three years in, the iPhone interface is beginning to look a little dated, don't you think?) and it features the current Emperor's New Clothes of mobile - multi-tasking.

So Microsoft have done it, they've got something that potentially puts them back in the game; if they can tie up some key handware deals, they'll probably give the smartphone market a run for its money. And by smartphone we mean, iPhone, obviously - because that's all Microsoft cares about. They introduced Windows Phone 7 with a promotional trailer that showed off the competition more than what their own OS can do:

Ignore that fact that Android and Palm Pre handsets multi-task, and gun for Apple. It's a shame so any time at all is spent slating the iPhone, because the trailer doesn't give you a sense of how great the new mobile OS looks. Apple are advertising the iPhone during Corrie for crying out loud - their target market really doesn't care about multi-tasking, it's not a deal breaker.

Microsoft have a real chance to be a big player in mobile once more. Windows Phone 7 looks the shizzle, so hopefully we'll see adverts like the trailer below, instead of seeing Steve 'Crazy Horse' Ballmer spending his money trying to run down the iPhone like a piss-drinking slag:


  • Nobby
    > Apple are advertising the iPhone during Corrie for crying out loud – their target market really doesn’t care about multi-tasking, it’s not a deal breaker. Is that because they can only concentrate on one thing at a time?
  • Lumoruk
    Wow a phone that multi tasks why didn't Apple think of that? because they're shit!
  • noBBy
    I have to say, the way they have intergrated this with the social networking lifestyle of modern man really does make my ding dong. Was going to buy my first iphone. But now I might get one of these little things.
  • John V.
    Looks fantastic, just don't want to have to pay 400 quid plus a big contract for it.
  • Fiddle D.
    "Wow a comment that makes sense to my warped opinion, why didn't Lumork think of that? because he's shit!" Good grief, some of you people are thick. Do you not understand what multi-tasking actually is? Are you so absorbed in sticking knives into something you clearly are light years from comprehending that you don't even make a half arsed effort to check your facts or terminology? Of course the iPhone multi-tasks. It just doesn't allow application developers to run applications in the background. And it would seem like some of the reasons are: Application developers can't be trusted not to misuse it (resulting in poor battery life, bad memory management, crashes unrelated to the user's current operation - all things that confuse most people and generally reduce the quality of experience), 99.5% of all customers don't need it and 99.5% of all customers don't understand it either; hell, most users can't grasp the difference between hard drive space and main memory (and why should they?) so why should hardware developers force them to be IT experts to use their own phone? You are CLEARLY not the target market for an iPhone, but that doesn't mean that no-one is the target market as demonstrated by the sales and satisfaction of its users. I guess you think they're shit too. Makes you look a little silly. And on subject, this Windows Mobile 7 actually looks kinda cool: it looks like Microsoft are gunning for making it groovy for ordinary people and in my humble opinion, that's no bad thing. It's almost as if the Windows Vista catastrophe has ended up being nicely beneficial to their overall approach, but I guess we'll all see.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    If this is a good as they claim it to be, and MS GAVE IT AWAY FOR NOWT to handset makers, Apple would have a real battle on its hands. But somehow I doubt they will. It's no good MS just catching up - they have to overtake somehow, and they have loads of dosh - splash it about a bit, Ballmer!
  • James
    Is the next iPhone getting multi-tasking...? Yes, yes I think it is. In fact, all iPhones are. So, Microsoft are only a month late in catching up with Apple. Hurrah.
  • From D.
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  • DX
    What? A Windows phone? No thanks. Still nothing against the iPhone unfortunately. And that's THIS generation's iPhone.

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