Will iPhone be favouring a curved display?

iPhone be favouring a curved display

You've seen the Samsung Galaxy Edge, with the curved screen, and now it is rumoured that Apple are doing something similar.

It isn't likely to be a feature on the iPhone 7 which is due any time soon, but rather, more likely to feature on the one after that (assuming the one that follows is the iPhone 8).

A recent patent shows a phone that has an all-glass wraparound display.

The application was submitted by Apple back in 2011, and granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office yesterday.

It could feature a transparent housing and has a flexible display within it, which sounds interesting. It seems like it'll be a phone that will be able to display content and images from all sides.

This is a more exciting development than all the headphone jack business.

Apple will have some work to do though, as they will need to produce a display that is flexible enough to wraparound a device, and then enclosed in the glass casing.

Some are suggesting that this will have a touchscreen on both the front and back of the phone. There's also chatter about it being able to offer depth of field, which basically means it'll be a 3D device.

Where do the buttons go if it mostly screen? Well, with something like this, you'd assume the the buttons would be virtual rather than physical.

Makes sense. So, this could be a load of cobblers, but is this the kind of thing that would excite you about a smartphone?

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  • Scooby252

    any case or cover will make this thing look poo

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