Why buy an iPhone when you can buy a 3D phone?

The Japanese mobile market has always been some 18 months or so ahead of the UK, which is no doubt one factor as to why Apple's iPhone has failed to make any impact there - who'd want a handset with a two megapixel camera and no video function? That's so 2005 for Japan.

Those consumers have far more exciting gadgets to dick about with, such as the recently announced Ketai H001:

No it doesn't come with tiny Japanese men inside who attempt to hail a cab whenever you open the hinged screen - that's a representation of the dedicated 3D channel that streams games, images and video content to your handset.

Expect to see something similar in the Carphone Warehouse in 2023.

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  • JC
    Who really wants a phone with a camera and video at all!?
  • MinstrelMan
    Ok i can see what the Jap is doing, but why is Ernie Wise riding a skateboard in the background?
  • LDJ
    Maybe he's surfing. The net. In a yellow blazer. Like you do...
  • Gman
    JC - The answer is alot if not most people, some of the best videos and pictures ive taken have been on my phone , spur of the moment events :D
  • Andy J.
    Yeah - who wants to lug around a phone AND a camera when you can have both in one :-/
  • Daniel
    I have a friend who lives in Japan and also uses this phone as a method of paying in shops and public transport, like an Oyster card. Wicked....

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