Which mobile operator is the worst?

really nice mobile phone action Everyone owns a smartphone (or mobile, if you prefer) these days, which means most people will have an opinion on their mobile operator. Opinions are generally split one of two ways - 'I barely notice them and everything is fine', or, 'every waking minute with them is hell and I hate them and can't wait for my contract to end so I can leave them'.

The things mobile owners really want from their operator is a consistently decent reception, no hassles with billing, and when needed, good customer service. That's about it really. Well, it seems like Vodafone and EE are falling short somewhere, as they've been voted as the worst mobile providers in the UK.

The league table, ranked from the one everyone likes the best, to least, is as follows (coupled with a score out of 100):

Giffgaff - 79
Asda Mobile - 72
Tesco Mobile - 70
ID - 64
Virgin Mobile - 62
Three - 61
O2 - 60
Talkmobile - 56
TalkTalkmobile - 54
EE - 49
Vodafone - 49
Lebara International - 46

As you can see, Lebara came bottom, but they're on the Vodafone network, which isn't great news for their parent company.

This all comes from a survey by Which!!!, and they noted that respondents scored Voda and EE rated them poorly thanks to ease of contact and value for money. This is the second time this pair have performed this badly. Giffgaff, meanwhile, topped the table for the second year on the bounce.

Alex Neill, director of campaigns and communications for Which!!! said: "Our latest survey once again shows that the major mobile providers are still failing on the basics of customer service."

"Telecoms are an essential part of modern life and so providers need to start delivering for their customers."

A Vodafone spokesperson and an EE spokesperson both said that they're trying to improve their customer service and the like, but we're not giving them the satisfaction of having their actual words in print, so they know what it is like to try and communicate with someone when the service is lousy.

If you want to switch your mobile provider, have a look at at the Bitterwallet 'how to' guide.


  • Scott B.
    I'm with EE and I've never had a bad experience with their customer service. That's not to say my overall experience of EE has been perfect. There have been times when things have gone wrong but they've always been able to help me out.
  • Father J.
    I'm with BT Cellnet and the service is fucking awful. The phone hasn't worked for about 10 years and whenever I ring up to complain the number is discontinued.

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