Which apps are draining your battery?

Which apps are draining your battery?

Battery life on your smartphone is something that concerns most people, because we're all messing around on our phones with such great frequency.

If you want to get more out of your battery life, then there's a bunch of apps that you might want to cut down on, as they're the biggest drain around.

There's a report, published in AVG's Android App Performance and Trend Report, where battery use was measured on Android phones (the results aren't wildly different from those you'd find on an iPhone either).

Basically, the apps that make your phone 'wake up' are the ones that'll hammer it the most.

Now, it is worth pointing out that the wildly successful Pokemon Go would be on this list, but the report was compiled before it came out, so it doesn't feature.

The data was collated between January and April. Either way, here's the top 10 apps that'll kill your battery.

1) Facebook

Obviously, Facebook is the number one app that'll suck all the juice from your phone. It's a data gobbler too, because that's how Facebook works. It is always on, always pestering you about something, and searching for your location.

If you've ever uninstalled the Facebook app for a while (and it's a big app), you'll notice almost immediately that your phone's battery life lasts much, much longer.

2) Google Maps

It isn't surprising that something that fires up your GPS and is so intensive when it comes to graphics, is something that will hammer your battery if you use it a lot.

3) Facebook Messenger

Oh look! Facebook again, this time with their Messenger app. Again, Facebook's apps utilise a lot of things, which means your battery is going to take a beating.

4) Instagram

Who owns Instagram? That's right - Facebook. Of course, uploading photos is going to deplete your battery, and loading up images is a reasonably big job for your phone to do all the time, if you use it often. Facebook make apps that use up a lot of energy.

5) BlackBerry Messenger

We're surprised to see this, because we assumed no-one would use anything from BlackBerry, apart from old people who feel like they've got important jobs, but there you go.

6) Chat0n

Another messenger service. Messenger services wake your phone up with notifications, so that's going to sap your phone's juice.

7) Kik

Like the other messaging services, this is no different.

8) WhatsApp

Another Facebook-owned app, and again, no different from the other messaging apps.

9) WeChat

Oh look, another messaging/social application. There's a pattern here, isn't there?

10) The Weather Channel

And finally, something that isn't social-related. The Weather Channel app, all by itself, can use over 10% of your battery just by being there. The widgets and notifications don't help the longevity of your battery life, so if you're not using it, ditch it.

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