Which! and Ofcom closing in on price-upping mobile providers

While not exactly taking to the streets (where, lets face it, you can hardly get a decent signal these days), over 42,000 peed-off mobile users have signed the Which! 'fixed means fixed' petition to stop phone companies putting their prices up at random, following Orange and T-Mobile's price hikes that were announced last week.

In case you wondered why you're poor, for the last 2 years Vodaphone, EE and Three have put up their prices mid contract, even though customers signed up for FIXED contracts, which means, you know, they're not supposed to change. It's enough to make you want to bludgeon Kevin Bacon with a blunt grill pan handle.

The companies all mumbled something about inflation being the reason for the 3.3% price rises, but Ofcom has its beady eye on them after launching a consultation earlier in the year.

Ofcom has also proposed that customers should be able to get out of so-called fixed price deals if companies put up the price halfway through, which is fair enough.

With the Which! campaign gathering pace and the Ofcom decision to be announced in June, the mobile companies could soon have their dongles in a hotspot.

After all, it's the principle of the thing. You choose fixed deals because you can't afford to pay more. And it's even more annoying when you consider the patchy coverage you currently get from these companies. I'm with EE and I can barely get enough signal to watch porn while I'm on the school run.

I mean, check the weather.


  • Archie
    I have 4bars on EE 4G. I didn't get any price increase either, and it's only a one year contract. Mad to buy a two year contract.
  • Ian
    @Archie cool story bro.
  • Mr M.
    Instead they'll just lump the expected inflation over two years onto the contract to start with, its a win for the companies either way.
  • Archie
    @Ian Hamilton It was a statement not a story. Maybe in your social class with your "bro" you classify it as such.
  • Fly g.
    @Archie Yo, cool it dude. Jus cos you aint down wit da kids an' ting.
  • whatsit t.
    What a pompous twat to assume such a thing. If you take out a contract, whether it's 1 year or 2 year they will make a profit from you. The only way to limit that is to buy your own phone, then they're only ripping you off slightly less than a contract. Bunch of thieving twats.
  • Alexis
    Why is it only phone contracts? Imagine leasing a car and half way through they added £30 a month.
  • chewbacca
    People who call Vodafone "Vodaphone" should be tied up and executed. How fucking hard is it? REALLY? Fucking pathetically retarded attempt at an article. Fucking morons.

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