WhatsApp: worst for privacy

whatsapp If you are the kind of person who worries about their privacy, and you use WhatsApp, then you may want to stop now. That's because a new report ranks WhatsApp as the worst when it comes to protecting your data.

The excitingly named Electronic Frontier Foundation have done their annual 'Who Has Your Back?' report, and was very critical of the messaging app in pretty much every criteria. Of course, the app is owned by Facebook, so all this isn't really a surprise.

Getting a hearty pat on the back for their efforts to respect your privacy where Dropbox, Apple, Adobe, Wikimedia, WordPress and Yahoo.

The ‘Who Has Your Back?’ report assesses techn companies in five criteria: whether they follow best practices for data security, whether they tell users when the government requests their data, whether they are open about their policies on hanging on to your data, whether or not they'll tell people when the government demands the removal of content, and whether they publicly oppose backdoors which give the government access to data.

If you'd like to see the EFF report, click here to see the easy-to-read table with giant yellow stars.

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