WhatsApp to bring video calling

WhatsApp to bring video calling

WhatsApp has definitely stolen a march on Skype, when it comes to people using it for their everyday messaging needs. Now, it looks like Skype will be taking a further kicking, as WhatsApp is trialling video calls.

Some users of WhatsApp beta have seen a video calling button appearing on their screens, which has since vanished, removed by the Facebook-owned company.

Seeing as FaceTime is so popular with Apple users, it isn't surprising that everyone is jumping on this as a feature.

Over a year ago, WhatsApp introduced a voice-calling feature (seriously - if you have a WiFi connection, why pay for a phone call ever again?), and the company claim to have over a billion active users, and that's showing no signs of slowing.

It isn't just Skype taking a beating on this - even the mighty Google and their Hangouts service can't compete.

The only service that seems to be challenging WhatsApp is Telegram, who themselves introduced a new feature, where you can edit, or retract a message you've already sent.

Looks like these are the big two, when it comes to messaging, and if WhatsApp get their video calling service out sooner, rather than later, it looks like a number of their rivals should just give up.


  • Graeme T.

    no need to text. We can FaceTime.

  • ronaldvictor
    • Ça va merci
  • ronaldvictor
    1. Any think

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